From the inside out with Sofia Bichão

I'm Sofia, A very dreamy spiritual person who uses body and mind work as daily therapy. I'm in love with creating and I love it when it involves sharing ideas with other people. My professional route, which culminated in the launch of the BBody, It started with my Ballet classes at 3 years, through the passage at the National Conservatory of Dance and Degree at the Higher Dance School. Bbody is also a result of my personal journey and so the body's body work complement each other with the proposal for personal development. It is a pleasure to share with you from the inside out, a little of my lifestyle.
From the inside out with Sofia Bichão


Sign: Twins

Seasons: Summer

A Collor: Lilac

A book: The power of the now

Film: Eat, Pray, Love

A song: US - The Color Show, FKJ

A podcast: Jay Sheety 

An object: Pen, for my Daily Journal

Favorite place in the world: Somewhere between nature and the sea

From the inside out with Sofia Bichão


Who and what inspires you? They inspire me people and projects that help people, namely in the areas of: self-awareness, healthy lifestyle, beauty, health, well-being, happiness and entrepreneurship.

What do you still need to create? So many things! I am a person who is always boiling ideas. But I would say I didn't want to die without releasing a book.

How to maintain creativity? Meditate, write, walk in nature and let ideas flow. All habits that include in my routine.

From the inside out with Sofia Bichão


First thing to do when you wake up: Drink a glass of water, coffee and exercise of gratitude.

How to relax at the end of the day: Exercise with the classes of Bbody Barre

Preferred physical exercise: Being highly suspicious because they were created by me, but the classes of my Bbody Barre method, because they are really complete and allow a day to do a cardio training, on another day a flow or yoga or barre workout without impact and even meditations or even meditations or Breathwork when exercise is not really on the plans. 

How to discharge the stress: For me to do physical exercise, no doubt.

A woman who inspires you: All women solo entrepreneurs

From the inside out with Sofia Bichão


Your ideal diet is… Eat the "rainbow" with variety and color.

What do you always have in the fridge: Vegetables

SAVING RECIPE: salad made, tuna, apple and boiled egg

Favorite drink: Coconut Water

Preferred snack: Energy Balls
Favorite Restaurant: Many, of Asian food


Favorite kitchen books: I don't have a favorite book, I usually follow recipes of cute ideas I see on Instagram, always easy, fast and minimalist

From the inside out with Sofia Bichão


An essential piece of clothing: Comfortable cotton pants, which give you to use an orfit cozy, inside or out but also do not compromise if you want to have a yoga session or stretching

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Cream in the face before bedtime

Product MPL'beauty favorite: so many that it is difficult to choose, but I would say Anti Aging Kits, hair products and skin and those that help to calm down Anxiety and relax :)

How do you feel more beautiful? Smiling, especially smiling inside. It means that everything is right, energy flows and self -love is present.


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