Facial lymphatic drainage: what is and because we love

We all like a good massage, but if beyond the pleasure and relaxation we extracted from this, we know that we are improving the health of our body, so it's gold on blue. This is just what happens in lymphatic drainage, a technique that we can apply to the body or face to put the lymphatic system moving and help the body eliminate toxins.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of nodules, vessels, glands and fluid -filled organs - the lymph - that travels practically our entire body. Its main function is to clean the toxin organism (those we absorb from the outside and the metabolic "waste" that the body produces) and protects us against harmful agents. In addition to the detox process, it is through the lymphatic network that immunity cells circulate to combat pathogenic agents such as bacteria and fungi, and prevent disease and infections. You have already noticed: a stronger lymphatic system means a cleaner organism, and a more resistant and reactive response and immune defense. This is why it is so important to keep the lymphatic system moving.

Facial lymphatic drainage: what is and because we love


There are several ways to activate the lymphatic system (including drinking a lot of water and practicing a good yoga flow), and one of them is lymphatic drainage. The goal is to put the lymph to circulate, putting the toxins moving to be eliminated, fighting stagnation and relieving the lymphatic system. This type of massage uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph, encouraging its movement toward the heart for fluid drainage and waste. Some studies indicate that lymphatic drainage returns up to 78% of the stagnant lymph back to circulation.

3 steps for facial drainage

This all seems amazing, but how do we do facial lymphatic drainage at home? It's very simple, it only takes a few minutes a day and you will quickly feel change- we explain everything to you.

1.Stize your modeling tool

The first step is to choose the beauty tool that pleases you for massage. Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, the Water It is a fabulous tool for lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins, but also to moisturize, tone and rejuvenate the skin. In addition to mitigating wrinkles and decreasing swelling, Facial Massage with SHA Active Blood circulation and is excellent for reducing stress. Choose the Gua Sha in the stone with which it is most identified (Pink quartz or Jade) To extract all the benefits of this restorative massage and repeat the process twice a day, with the help of a serum so that the water shares more easily on the skin. For a more localized and specific massage, in the most delicate areas around the eyes and mouth, the Mushrooms gua shame are the ideal option, “to measure”, and in this case we recommend using the EFFECTIVE SERUM.

With the right pressure, the Gua Sha will perform a massage in the deeper tissues, favoring lymphatic drainage. Another option is the facial roller, which also exists in different types of crystal, and is excellent for activating blood circulation.

And finally, the Cupping, a therapeutic method that consists of using silicone cones of different sizes depending on the face zone to create a slight suction on the skin, with the aim of stimulating blood circulation and preventing tissue congestion. Cupping is excellent for activating the lymphatic system and helping to release toxins, for cleaner, firm and inflammation skin

2. Apply the serum

Whatever the tool you choose, you will need a good serum to slide more easily over the skin, putting the lymphatic system moving. Sculpt It is a lightweight serum, formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with modeling tools. With pomegranate oil and rose musket, it is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, with anti-aging and effective action on cell renewal and sunscreens protection.

For the most sensitive zone of the eyes, and to use in conjunction with the Guar SHA mushrooms, we recommend the Concentrated serum Lifting Effect Effective Eye Contour which favors lymphatic drainage and decongestation, helping to reduce dark circles and pads and straighten the eyelids.

See how to do it here!

3. Do your massage

And finally the massage! Start by applying three to four drops of serum to your face (the serum is so light, you can apply more if your skin is asking). Then pass the modeling tool through the different zones of the face. To work, lymphatic drainage should be done with slow and ascending movements, always from the inside out, from the center of the face towards the face line. Repeat the movements at least five times on each side of the face. In some areas, such as around the eyes and on the sides of the mouth, make small circular motions.

The massage should be done delicately and without hurry, traveling every inch of skin, and with some pressure, but without exaggeration. It is normal for your skin to “light up” reacting to the stimulus, being slightly pink, but without exaggeration. In the case of Cupping, cones should always be moving.

The pressure should be delicate and create a pleasant sensation, relieving the tension of facial muscles, preparing the skin to absorb the benefits of the serum and stimulating the skin to the surface, and the lymphatic system inside.