March Horoscope

March is there, and with him the long -desired spring and the arrival of the Astrological New Year, with the entry of the Sun in Carneiro, on the 19th. Despite all the energy and initiative of Carneiro, much of the month is still marked by vibes Much softer, poetic and fish dreamy. Right after the new moon (day 10) Venus enters fish, and then it will be Mars's turn: an incredible mix of sensuality and spirituality. This month we also open the eclipses season: day 25 is full moon day and scale eclipse. We will be pushed, perhaps with some turbulence, to close chapters - and to embrace new beginnings - especially with regard to our relationships and sense of identity. Ready?

March Horoscope


This is your month, in many ways. Your birthday is approaching, and the skies are moved, so get ready for a lot of action and energy. The entry of Mercury into its sign, on the 9th, will bring you clarity and mental activity, but the truth is that you must take the first part of the month to take things calmly. From the 19th, the star King enters the constellation of ram and things accelerate. It is time to celebrate the arrival of spring and pass the action. Later, the 25th, officially starts the eclipses season and the sign of the ram will especially feel its impact. This is because the lunar eclipse happens in its opposite sign of scale, activating the area of ​​relationships in its wheel of the zodiac. Time to review relationship patterns that may be outdated, listen to your heart and drop what no longer serves to you, to move on, stronger. Courage!

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March is loaded with opportunities to expand your social circle and do networking to serious. Mercury in your home 11 will activate everything that relates to the community and the new moon in your career area can bring that impulse you need to plant the seeds of great professional achievements. The entrance of the sun in Carneiro will accentuate your desire to connect with people who share their tastes and interests, and it is a good time to shine in public life. The day 25 eclipse throws it into a search for authenticity: your deepest desires and your passions will be in focus. Listen to your inner voice and believe me. It's time to pursue your dreams.

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March is the month to gain courage and get out of the carapace, dear crab. With several planets activating your house 9, the adventure calls it! Of course adventure may have several guys, but the essentials is the attitude: this is the time to think outside the box, experiment, explore and believe. You can enjoy all this inspiration to improve your career. From the 19th, you will feel more confident and even bold. Take the opportunity to overthrow the barriers that have prevented your progress in personal life as in professional life, and the renewing energy of the eclipse (25) to break free from any emotional baggage that weighing to you. Trust!

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March Horoscope


The month starts with some unpredictability in the career sector, dear Taurus, because of a somewhat turbulent meeting between Venus, Mars and the Uranus untimely, which is in its sign. But quickly things get calmer. On the 11th, Venus enters Pisces, in his friendship home, and joins in the sun, to animate his closest relationships. Get out and have fun, friends are the family we chose. Its social butterfly side gives way to a more introspective period, starting on the 19th, with the entrance of the sun in Carneiro. It is in this mood that it will receive the first eclipse of the year, in scale, affecting your health and routines area. This is the most perfect moment to find the balance you are looking for, dropping less healthy habits and nourishing mind, body and spirit.

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If there is a sign that feels comfortable on the great stage of life is yours, dear lioness, but the month of March is above all introspective and even melancholy, and invites her to dive into the depths of her being, beyond ego and surface. Enough of looking at the belly button, and from the 9th, mercury in your knowledge and adventure will do it and take it out of your comfort zone and expand horizons. Your intuition will be sharply for the height of the New Moon, and take advantage of the wave of creativity to sow inspiration. From the 19th the sun will be in its sign friend of ram, and the creative energy of fire reaches its peak. It will absorb everything around you and feel motivated to create and move forward. On the 25th, the lunar eclipse in your house III is a kind of Wake Up Call to stop obsessing with details and focus on the “macro” aspect. The universe has great plans for you if you accept them with receptivity!

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This month relationships (loving or professional) will be your priority, so it is a great time to define commitments, dear Virginian. The beginning of the month is great for having that conversation and putting things in clean dishes, and the entrance of Mercury in Carneiro will give you an extra boost to tell you what goes in your heart. The New Moon illuminates your VII home, and is the perfect pretext for launching the seeds of a new relationship. The novel extends with the entry of Venus in this sector, bringing harmony to all relationships and partnerships. The 25th Eclipse of the 25th, in your XII house is wonderful to get all the cabinet skeletons. Ideal time to crash, both objects and hidden emotions, and start a new stage, much lighter!

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March Horoscope


The eclipses season is about to start and guess where the first, dear scale? Exactly, in your sign, and therefore in your home I of identity. This is your opportunity to completely renew yourself: instead of always trying to please others (we know how the scales are diplomats, but there are limits!) Embrace the most authentic and genuine version of yourself, and enjoy the energy to if affirm and grow spiritually. This month, the entry of Venus in your home VI is a good time to adopt new healthy routines and habits, and later, the sun illuminates your home of relationships, bringing good vibes to the way it relates to others, in love but not only.

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March is an exciting and passionate month, dear Scorpio, and begins with a small electric shock involving Venus, Mars and the Rebel Uranus, which could affect their relationships. You may have to make some drastic decision, but soon after the New Moon and Venus will bless your V, creativity and passions, bringing a lot of inspiration and fantasy (fish energy) to this area of ​​your life. The lunar eclipse of the day 25 leads her to close the month in a more introspective tone. It's the right time for writing, meditating, or just resting, recovering from agitated emotions!

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Your roots, your home, and your most private world will be focused on much of the month. This is not your favorite, dear and adventurous Sagittarian mood, but a little homemade life every now and then will only do you good. Nutra well your intimacy and enjoy. Especially because from the 19th the sun jumps to ram and spreads its rays giving your flirts, passions, hobbies and creativity. Wait for it a lot of animation and also some changes, believe me. The scale lunar eclipse will affect the most social zone of your map. If you don't feel “at home” in your community you may be time to look for other groups that allow you to express the best version of yourself!

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March Horoscope


The fish season is amazing to free emotions and express our deepest desires, as crazy as they seem. And this dreamy side is also valid for the Capricorn super realist! This is the right month to soften this seriousness and let your heart speak. Especially when Venus enters his communications sector, bringing harmony to his social relations and ease of expression. The Eclipse of the 25th will lead her to seek balance between professional and private life. This is a challenge for the Zodiac Workaholics, the Capricorn. Take this opportunity that the stars bring you to embrace new beginnings.

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March is the month to close deals and improve your financial situation, so enjoy the tide of abundance. It's time to invest, budget and magnetize everything you have to do with the material world. In particular, by the height of the New Moon, excellent for sowing intentions in this field and attracting prosperity. Another prominent sector will be social life, activated from the 19th, and also its most philosophical area, of knowledge and travel, which will feel the influence of eclipse. It is possible that your value system suffers a ably, making it look at life with other eyes. But what is this for the revolutionary Aquarian? The change is the engine of progress, so go after your dreams.

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For almost the month, the sun shines in its sign, and will bring you a lot of confidence, growth and power. Enjoy the tide and slide through the waves with your dreamy spirit and your sensitivity, dear fish. When Mercury connects to Neptune on the 8th, he will feel his intuition even more accurate, and a few days later Venus, the planet of love, enters his sign, blessing it with many love vibes. Of course, the beautiful Venus meets Saturn (in transit in its sign) and this brings some seriousness to relationships (are we going to talk about commitment?). When the sun leaves its sign, on the 19th, preparing for the equinox, it will be Mars's turn to enter fish, bringing a lot of determination and energy in the early days of spring. No theme, and give yourself priority.

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