From the inside out with Maria Loussão

Maybe it's already lucky to know Maria Loussão, an artist from Lisbon with an unparalleled good taste, if she doesn't know how to pass here and see your work. 

Here we were curious (very really) to know what she likes, what she hears, what she reads .. I hope you enjoy.


Maria Lousao - Being


Sign: Ram

Seasons: Summer

A Collor: All, I love colors!

A book: “The Black Book of the Style” I think it's funny to this book, “be Parisian wherever”Several authors and one of them a style reference for me, Caroline de Maigret. I recently started reading “Also whites know how to danceFrom Kalaf Epalanga, he addresses topics to which I woke up a few years ago.

Film: Elvis.

A song: Music is like the color for me, I can't choose, we listen to a lot of music at home and various kinds, I like so many.

An object: A wooden mini chair that my father has done, I have it since I was a child and is now in my room on the shelf as a decoration object.

Favorite place in the world: Arrábida


MARIA LOUSão - Create


Who and what inspires you? People, places, objects, it is difficult to choose just one because I see stimuli and inspiration everywhere and it happens to me a thousand times a day 😅

What do you still need to create? So much, I feel that I still started.

How to maintain creativity: I keep all the ideas I have, I write, take photographs and use these notes whenever I need it, I try to paint when I have an idea, this can mean starting a board at 4:00 am.


Maria Lousao - Living


First thing to do when you wake up: Breakfast and coffee.

How to relax at the end of the day: Go to a park or garden before going home.

A place to turn off: My house.

Preferred physical exercise: Walk, and swim in the sea.

How to discharge stress? Arrábida Sea, I grew up there and when I need balance to run there.

A woman who inspires you: Grace Peace, it was the following the work of grace that I gained courage to show what I painted and create a page to share it, until then I had no paintings of mine, did not show and gave to friends and family. Grace inspired me to take my talent seriously, and make it in my work.



Your ideal diet is… A little of everything, but I don't live without a good grilled fish.

What do you always have in the fridge: Eggs, Greek yogurt and jam.

SAVING RECIPE: My husband's chili, it's amazing and everyone loves it!

Favorite drink: Coffee.

Preferred snack: Fruit and toast.

Favorite Restaurant: Already closed and was in Setúbal, now is the Pateo 13 In Alfama, grilled fish restaurant, of course.

Preferred kitchen book: Actually I invent a lot to cook, and when I need help I use recipes on the internet.




Beauty icon: Several but, Tina Kunakey is beautiful.

An essential piece of clothing: Carhartt gardeners, I have 3 and were perfect while pregnant, they are still even above.

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Cleaning It is hydration of skin.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Super Hair Serum.

How do you feel more beautiful? Beautiful skin, treated hair and clothes you like but comfortable.