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De Dentro para Fora com Madalena Telo

From the Inside Out with Madalena Telo

Today I'm introducing you to a woman whose work really inspires me! A Madalena Telo is a very talented ceramicist with discreet pieces that are full of life and robustness. Everything about Madalena's work gives me an enormous sense of serenity and an immediate connection to nature, and now I understand from this interview that the Serra de Monchique and the Costa Vicentina are two places that mean a lot to her.

You can see that the care she puts into her garments also extends to the care she takes of herself, which is why I think she is an inspiration to all women. I felt very inspired to take a deep breath and enjoy what I have calmly. I hope you enjoy reading!

Madalena Telo


Sign Aries 

Season Spring 

A color Terracotta  

A book Women Who Run with the Wolves.

A movie Chocolatewith Juliette Binoche

A song All from João Gilberto  

A podcast Expanded by to be Magnetic 

An object Notebook for drawing and writing

Favorite place in the world Wild beach of Vicentine Coast

Madalena Telo


Who and what inspires you? I find people who contribute to a healthier world and are in tune with nature inspiring. I'm inspired by light and my studio, rock textures, old books with botanical illustrations of seaweed and plants. 

What have you yet to create? More ceramic pieces and my store, which is coming soon :)

How to stay creative Being patient with our own rhythm, letting ideas flow, disconnecting from expectations or pressures and creating for pleasure with freedom. The writer Amy Mcnee has some great tips on how to stay creative.

Magdalena Telo


First thing to do when you wake up Drink warm water, look at the mountain behind my window and give thanks for a new day. 

How to relax at the end of the day Walking in the mountains with Esteva (my dog) and then taking a warm, scented bath.

A place to switch off My potter's wheel.

Favorite physical exercise Pilates and swimming.

How you release stress I dive into the waves of the Costa Vicentina all year round. That sea renews your energy.

A woman who inspires you The women in my life, my mother and my sister.

Magdalena Telo


Your ideal diet is... As natural as possible, with seasonal foods that nourish body and soul, preferably from my grandmother Maria's garden.

What you always have in the fridge Homemade vegetable milk and an incredible labaneh made here in the hills of Monchique.

Dinner saver recipe Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, parmesan and lemon zest

Favorite drink Golden milk

Favorite snack Dates stuffed with tahini, cayenne pepper and wrapped in chocolate, with a pinch of salt. 

Favorite restaurant There are a few, but the best food is made by my sister, so maybe one day I'll be able to say that my favorite restaurant is hers.

Favorite cookbook: Recipes for the New Earth, by Thistle Utopia. And the books by Mafalda Pinto Leite and Joana Alves.

Magdalena Telo


Beauty icon Nature.

An essential piece of clothing Linen overalls.

What's not missing from your beauty routine Sunscreen.

Favorite MPL'beauty product I could say all of them! I love MPL'beauty products. But I can't live without Puro Sol Zinc, Super Woman capsules, Detox serum, foot kit, Calming deodorant e Pure Sol. It's impossible to choose, they're all wonderful.

How do you feel most beautiful? When I sleep nine hours, my soul glows with beauty and happiness.

Magdalena Telo