From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo

My name is JoanaI live in Lisbon with my husband, my one -year baby and my two miu and Billie dogs. My life has been around, I started to study law but then I decided to start over and study fashion, I always had a more creative vein that was not satisfied with a life sitting in an office.

I lived in New York three years while I did a postgraduate degree in Fashion Business and started creating my dream brand to Sigh. I went back to Portugal to launch my bag mark but then found that I loved photographing and filming and started helping brands of friends and ended up working full time as a photographer and video program for some of the brands I admire the most. It has been a super challenging experience that brought me many people who already consider friends, many teachings and a lot of inspiration. 

Last year my daughter was born and everything changed, the priorities changed and once again I was supported and inspired by the women around me to get back my projects and dreams as I see my baby grow. I don't know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow but I know that these constant challenges and changes have been a great way to feel that I am always learning, always growing up. 


From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo


Sign: Sagittarius

Seasons: Fall

A Collor: Dry green

A book: The Mount of the Slices, from Emily Bonte

Film: Into The Wild


A podcast - The Rewatchables

An object: Beautiful candles

Favorite place in the world: Lake Powell at Utah

From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo


Who or what inspires you? Sculptors and photographers that I discover in Pinterest

What do you still need to create? So much but more specifically a good clutch.

How to maintain creativity: Lots of research, time and silence

From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo


First thing to do when you wake up: Fill my baby with kisses and tickling.

How to relax at the end of the day: A good playlist and a long bath

A place to turn off: My garden with a book in hand

Preferred physical exercise: Everything that involves weights!

How to discharge the stress: Physical exercise and 4 -hour dinners with friends.

A woman who inspires you: Georgia O'Keeffe

From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo


Your ideal diet is: Everything that has Asian flavors

What do you always have in the fridge: soy sauce and butter

SAVING RECIPE: Chicken with onion and cream soup

Favorite drink: SPICY MARGARITAS

Preferred snack: Vinegar and salt chips

Favorite Restaurant: So many but right now the Paco mustaches, Afuri It is Java

Favorite kitchen books: 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food, from Jamie Oliver and Gok Cooks Chinose, from Gok Wan

From the inside out with Joana Veríssimo


Beauty icon: Florence Welch

An essential piece of clothing: A Perfect white t-shirt. In summer alone and winter under a cardigan.

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: one good cleanser!

Product MPL'beauty favorite: DETOX SERUM It is Balm Puro Sol, wonderful smell :)

How do you feel more beautiful? Tanned, clean and hydrated skin