From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto

I am to Inês, mother of a small dinosaur and Nuno's wife. I've been through Florence, London, Milan and Paris - but Lisbon called harder. Today I am a partner of New Torres, the oldest textile brand in Portugal, which I pronounced with my husband and our friend Miguel. I think of beautiful things and they deal with gray things 😊 I am a woman of faith, very observant, hear through the walls and I like to be inside everything. I appreciate the beauty of the small details and the small imperfections and I really like (accurate) of silence. I am happy on a sunny day full of sun, strolling over the sea or river with a good snack.

From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto


Sign: Monkey (I don't believe in the signs)

Seasons: Fall

A Collor: leopard

A book: Quiet, by Susain Cain. Explains what it really means to be introvert, extorted or ambuncivert (me!). I started to see and perceive people in another way.

Film: Monsters inc

A song: In your earfrom Buba Espinho with Barbara Tinoco. My 6 year old son loves to hear in Repeat, it is very dear to hear him humming.

A podcast: Tap dance, from Zilian, in which I already participated. I love to find out how other Portuguese brands work and learn from your experiences.

An object: My third, I always have with me.

Favorite place in the world: at the foot of the river.

From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto


Who and what inspires you? I am very observant and I really like ‘People-Watch’. I let me inspire the people I see on the street, known and unknown, for nature, the talent and art of others.

What do you still need to create? Among so many things, a children's book about adoption and a house for our family, overlooking the green.

How to maintain creativity? Find time for a walk, think, to space, without any concrete objective, just because yes.

From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto


First thing to do when you wake up: See the time.

How to relax at the end of the day: At home, sitting on the floor to conversation and giving parties to my mimi mimi.

A place to turn off: At my mother's house, in the field, in Ponte de Lima.

Preferred physical exercise: I'm not very given physical exercise, but I love to walk.

How to discharge the stress: Lunch or dinner out. Alive to eat.

A woman who inspires you: I have several mother friends of numerous families who inspire me. They are women, mothers, friends and amazing professionals. They can stay balanced and happy-I have a lot to learn from them!

 From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto


Your ideal diet is… always without meat for a short time, anti-inflammatory. I'm still getting used to it and every now and then I make a girlfriend.

What do you always have in the fridge: Hummus and boiled eggs

SAVING RECIPE: DI Stemped Salmon Salad: Mixture of lettuce, smoked salmon, mozarella, cherry tomatoes and avocado, all seasoned with salt and pepper and a lot of lemon juice.

Favorite drink: Sparkling water. We have a machine at home and we are addicted. But I also love a good glass of Prosecco or a Moscow mule, little pleasures I won when we lived in Milan.

Preferred snack: popcorn. Mixed sweets and savory, obviously.

Favorite Restaurant: Corner by tuna and New house by the pizzas.

Favorite kitchen books: Mine, in which I register my mother's recipes, my friends or what I find online.


From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto



Beauty icon: I don't have.

An essential piece of clothing: A good pajamas in 100% cotton with a spin pattern - to be in pajamas, but in good.

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: cream of eyes it's from face.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Pedicure kit, to use with the bathroom carpet New Torres.

How do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy.

From the inside out with Inês Vaz Pinto