December Horoscope

Ready to close the year in beauty? With the planets moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the December skies are announced festive but also pragmatic. Inspired by the positive energy of the Zodiac Centaur, we entered the month with spontaneity and optimism, with the sun and Mars to vibrate the constellation of Sagittarius, and to make our dreams shoot like an arrow. But calmly. On the 1st, Mercury goes into Capricorn, and this will bring a good deal of realism to parties preparations, helping us face the Christmas stress with organization and focus. On the 4th, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, bringing intensity and depth to our relationships, and shortly thereafter, on the 6th, Neptune ends his retrograde movement, connecting us with spiritual life and intuition.

Mark on your calendar the 12th: The New Moon, in Sagittarius, is the perfect time to sow projects and intentions, and perhaps even anticipate New Year's resolutions. Especially when we know that on the same day, Mercury begins its retrograde movement in Capricorn, shuffling the plans. After a full moon in crab (26th), perfect for releasing emotions, the year ends with a wonderful composition to root and at the same time we can get our projects underway: a Sol-Lua-Jupiter trigon in earth signs. Good December and good tickets!

December Horoscope


With the sun in a friendly sign, the fiery Sagittarius, almost the whole month, take the opportunity to embrace your more adventurous side and surrender with soul and heart to each project. On the 1st, Mercury enters your career sector and can be a good time to establish detailed plans or have that conversation about your professional ambitions, because then (12) this planet will be retrograde, with a tendency to cause some delays and setbacks in this area. On the 7th, the sun calls Chiron in its sign, and this meeting is an excellent opportunity to grow spiritually and turn its wounds into strength. On the 26th, the full moon in Carneiro will arouse memories and some nostalgia. Prolong Christmas and surround yourself with your most beloved beings, making your nest shine!

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December is the ideal month to detangle everything that no longer serves, and with the sun passing through Sagittarius, in your VIII, the beginning and the finals, it is even the perfect time to break free from all emotional baggage that is weighing on him. At the same time it gets lighter, enjoy the passage of your conductor, Venus, through your home of relationships to nourish your strongest connections and deepen your sense of belonging and communion. The New Moon on the 12th, in Sagittarius, will enhance its most intuitive side and help you have a new perspective on things. On the 30th, Jupiter ends his retrograde movement in his sign, and after months of reflection, he will feel ready to widen horizons and begin a new expansion cycle.

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Love and relationships are focused this month, dear Gemini, but be aware of the impact of Mercury, which when starting its retrogradation on the 12th can bring some communication failures. Calmly, because that same day the New Moon in Sagittarius encourages her to plant the seeds for her new year in the love sector, soon followed by Venus, who enters Capricorn on the 29th, bringing with her excellent love vibrations to The new year. The winter solstice is for itself a more introspective height, enjoy it to look inside and realize exactly where it wants to be and what its limits are.

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December Horoscope


With Venus strolling through his home, creativity, children, but of the passions, December promises to be an excited month for the native crab, at least in the chapter dating. It is the right time to go out, meet people, break free from their characteristic shyness and enjoy the wave of festive joy. The entry of mercury into your relationship sector will deepen intellectual connections, but get ready for the retrograde movement of this planet, which can create some more confused conversations from the 12th. mindful q.b, let the moon full of day 26 illuminate your home I, of identity, and make your ego shine, showing what you want and how you want. At the end of the month, his regent, Neptune, calls himself with the moon and Venus, expanding the love vibrations to end the year in beauty.

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With the sun in Sagittarius, crossing his home V, for much of the month, December brings passion and creativity to the zodiac lionesses. It's time to follow your heart, have fun and show your most generous and passionate side (especially from the 12th, with the new moon) staying attentive to the adventures of Mercury, which goes into retrograde moving this month . The holiday season is especially happy, with Venus to hold its annual passage through its IV, family and roots, bringing harmony to its most intimate core. With the entry of Mercury into Capricorn, on the 1st, and later of the Sun (21st) will want to focus on the most practical, everyday, and work subjects, too. Find it Work-Life Balance And enjoy the festive season with a smile on your lips.

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December is the month to be in family, and with the sun illuminating your home IV for much of the month that is where your energies will focus. But there is more! Mercury, the regent of Virgin, passes through the house by activating romance and creativity. Take advantage of inspiration before the Zodiac messenger comes back back, which happens on the 12th, and can bring some ex back to your life. Keep focus and don't get carried away by fantasies. The icing at the top of the cake is really stored at the end of the month, on the 31st, when the moon will be in its sign, in a more than perfect connection with the sun and the planet of luck and prosperity, Jupiter. What a beautiful way to enter the new year!

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December Horoscope


The scales are the social animals of the zodiac and December will not be disappointed, bringing numerous possibilities of connections and fruitful connections to these natives. On the 4th, Venus leaves his sign, but do not be sad, because in Scorpio, focusing on his house II, values ​​and money, the beautiful Venus will help her to value what really matters, starting with herself. The New Moon of the 12th, in Sagittarius, promises inspiring conversations that will expand its horizons and open new possibilities, inviting it to connect with its intuition and express its inner truth, also in relationships. Even before the end of the year, Venus enters her communications sector, encouraging her to show her most charming side to enter 2024 at her best.

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Venus's entry into his sign is one of the highlights of the month, and it happens on the 4th, making her feel incredibly beautiful and seductive. It's time to use scorpion magnetism to attract what you want most because the focus will be on itself. On the 12th, the New Moon in Sagittarius spreads magic in her house II, and invites her to reflect on what she values, and deciding what is really worth her time, and her energy. Retrograde Mercury, from the 12th, can create some chaos in the way it communicates, so pay attention to what it says. On the 22nd, an unexpected confrontation between Venus and Uranus can bring some disruption to your relationships, so keep calm. At the end of the month, more serene days come back, when Venus enters the dance with Neptune and the Moon, bringing a conciliating and expansive energy to its new year.

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It's time to shine, dear Sagittarian! The annual pass of the sun through the constellation of Sagittarius promises days full of joy and celebration in December. To help the party (literally), Mars, the planet of action, will also be in its sign, filling it with energy and passion. The New Moon of the day 12 again emphasizes this expansive energy, so it is to enjoy. On the 21st, with the entrance of the sun in Capricorn, the tone changes, and it is time to focus on material affairs, perhaps passing on finances and other resources. On the 26th, the full moon in the supersensitive crab will bring deep emotions to the surface. On the 27th, it will feel a new energy, thanks to the conjunction of Mars and Mercury in its sign, and on the 29th, even in the time of the New Year, the entry of Venus in Sagittarius will bring an extra dose of Beauty and harmony to the party!

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 December Horoscope


Much mercurial activity for you, dear Capricorn, as the communications planet enters its sign on the 1st and is bound throughout the month with Jupiter, Venus, and its regent, Saturn. It's time to get in conversations and dispatch issues for a long time, but leave everything prepared before day 12, because there is a rebellious, in retrograde motion. If you are looking for a moment of introspection, the 12th, when the last new moon of the year is born in Sagittarius, is the right time to connect with your intuition and spirituality. Work on these intentions, take advantage of this inner recollection to prepare for the sun's entry into your sign, on the 21st, when you will be called to resume the action. On the 26th, the full moon will shine in its relationship sector, illuminating the good and the least good, and encouraging it to free hidden emotions.

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The parties are the best time to celebrate together, with family and friends who are our family, and for the altruistic Aquarian, it has even more sense! Enjoy the passage of the sun through your friendship and community sector in December to activate this feeling of belonging and communion. Venus injects even more energy in this purpose, going through his career home, to create excellent opportunities for networking. Your ability to impress, in public life, will be accentuated, so enjoy the tide. The New Moon in Sagittarius, on the 12th, also collaborates: it will arouse its most collaborative side and may even think of joining some volunteering project. All this is balanced with the winter solstice on the 21st, which inspires its most introspective and meditative side, and on the 26th, the full moon will illuminate its health and well-being zone, motivating it to enter In the New Year inaugurating new routines, for body, mind and spirit.

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With Neptuno and Jupiter ending their retrograde movements this month, dear Pisces, will feel renewed! This is because these two planets have a special influence on their sign, and now that they restart their “natural” movement will feel a breath of fresh air. December is the ideal month to reconnect with your intuition and put things in motion! The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th will inflate a new energy to your professional life. The sky is the limit, and using its sensitivity, pursues its ambitions. A small setback: retrograde mercury, in the same sector can create some confusion to work projects, so keep the focus. When the winter solstice arrives on the 21st, it will be ready to dive at the parties, and meet with old friends, or make new ones. On the 26th, the full moon in the crab sign will make her feel like fish in the water, and inspire her for the new year to approach!

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