Fernanda Diniz


Sign: Virgin
Seasons: Fall
A Collor: Golden
A book: I am currently reading Fernando Pessoa's biography
Film: "Lion, the long road home"
A song: Colors of the Wind
A podcast: GRANDED by Louis Theroux
An object: Crystals
Favorite place in the world: Hard to answer this… I've lived in 12 countries, I have many favorite places but suddenly, Amazonia and Regents Park in London.


Who and what inspires you? Nature… so perfect and cyclical. Always transforming itself and everything with a purpose for the whole.
What do you still need to create? A son
How to maintain creativity? Meditation helps me to have the "empty glass", and thus be able to access parts in me that need expression.


First thing to do when you wake up: stay 5 minutes hugged my cat
How to relax at the end of the day: read a book
A place to turn off: Sintra
Preferred physical exercise: dance
How to discharge the stress: Exercise, walking in nature, sit down a tree and ask you to take all the stress and negativity of me… it works!
A woman who inspires you: Maria Madalena


Your ideal diet is… No excess but also without crazy restrictions. Like everything but I opt for vegetarian meals most of the time.
What do you always have in the fridge: Vegetables and Coconut Yogurts
SAVING RECIPE: Lentils Salad
Favorite drink: Green juices and Golden Milk
Preferred snack: Something sweet ...
Favorite Restaurant: Red Wheat in Aljezur
Favorite kitchen books: ‘The delights of Ella’


Beauty icon: Salma Hayek… Female, sense of humor and naturalness
An essential piece of clothing: Dresses
What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Comb the eyebrows
Product MPL'beauty favorite: Revitalize Facial Serum and the Exfoliators of BodyHow do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy !!