The best anti-hair routine of hair

With autumn and winter, it also comes to seasonal hair loss. If you are already feeling it or if you want to prevent it, this routine is for you.

Maybe it has noticed that your hair is weaker and that it is always at this time of year.

But why does hair fall more with the arrival of the fall?

During the summer, the hair is exposed to UV rays, seawater and pool chlorine. We relax in routines and maybe we forget to do the mask or apply the be a consistently.

Moreover, it is believed that the body is responding to hormonal changes. With the change of time, so less hours of light, our circadian rhythms change and, consequently, our hormonal production as well.

Therefore, this is the right time to reinforce hydration, stimulate the scalp and ensure that we have no vitamin or micronutrient in deficit. Here is The Perfect Anti-Put Routine!

Reinforce hydration

Temperature changes alter natural hair hydration and may have already exposed your hair too much during summer. Good hydration is synonymous with elasticity and strength. The ideal is to apply a Hair Mask while sleeping. The more time, the more the nutrients of mask penetrate hair cuticles - That's why it's so important that the ingredients are 100% natural. Remove excess fat with deep wash with shampoo It is conditioner.


It is like preparing the soil to put seeds and wait for them to grow. Without a healthy scalp, hair does not proliferate. Hair massage stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the roots of the hair and increases nutrient absorption through the hair follicles. Just put some drops of be a In the hands or directly in the root of the hair, and massage with the fingertips, in circular motions.


Avoid combing wet hair

Wet hair is more elastic and, with the strength of brushing, can pull or break the strands. Ideally, it will be to brush dry hair before washing. And during washing, not tangle it again. Wash the scalp with circular motions and “squeeze” the hair between the hands in a delicate way. This way, it gets out of the bath with hair combed and ready to dry.

Eat real food

Good nutrients = good hair. It is important to maintain a good contribution of healthy fats, micronutrients and vitamins. Avocado, dried fruits, legumes, chia seeds of chia for omega-3, dark green vegetables, citrus and kiwis (vitamin C!), Eggs, sweet potatoes, and algae (for a good source of iodine)-Suffice the pantry And the fridge with all of them!

Consider supplementary

Several phases of our lives may require extra help, be postpartum, menopause, stress stages… One natural supplement, capable of regulating cortisol production (stress hormone), supporting hormonal production and giving a boost of vitamins and nutrients, can make all the difference in the appearance of our hair, controlling the fall and fostering the growth of new hair.

Avoid holding the hair and dry it with a dryer

Above all, avoid too tight horse tails. They create a tension on hair and make us break more easily. Excessive use of dryers and straightening boards make hair dry and brittle, so when possible, Let the hair dry naturally.

Avoid chemical coloring

If you dye your hair and have not yet surrendered to Henna, maybe you should try it. To the Hair inks are full of chemical compounds that penetrate leather hair. In addition, they make hair drier, brittle and fragile. If you choose a natural color, you will not only be giving your hair a new color, but to nourish it with each painting. You can follow the step by step in this video.


We know that smoking impairs our general health and, in the case of hair, inhibits blood circulation on the scalp and follicles, Not allowing the good distribution of oxygen and nutrients necessary for strong and healthy hair. Toxins present in tobacco also penetrate the hair follicles, causing negative changes.

Manage emotions and rest!

The old custom advice, which serves so many problems in our lives. High stress levels and bad nights are the enemies of good skin and good hair. For a more rested and regenerating sleep experience our drops.

Be patient and consistent

The hair grows approximately one inch per month. And it has natural growth cycles, rest and fall. We cannot change this mechanics, nor our genetics or age, which also influence. But we can, yes, be patient and consistent with our hair care routines, and our daily habits.

You will see that the differences are noted!