Horoscope October

A quick guide for each sign.

This month will mark the passage of the scale lightness to a heavier wave, with the scorpion energies. And finally, on October 2, the third retrograde mercury of the year ends - are we going to breathe with relief?

Until October 23, you will feel more expansive, optimistic and social, as balance is led by Venus, planet of desire, money and love. From there, we entered the season of Scorpio, marked by individualism and stubbornness. This contrast is not bad - we just have to know how to use it to our advantage. Here is a quick guide for each sign (and also see what corresponds to your ascendant).


The balance season pushes it to a moment of visibility. You will feel creative and more productive, but do not try to paste all the puzzle pieces between the most social and private sphere. As the year ends and a new one begins, it will feel the harmony arrive. Try to answer your most spontaneous needs. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Exfoliate Relaxe. It will be requested and stimulated, which will require you, so take the opportunity to relax with a liberating exfoliation with salt and the soothing lavender perfume.


It is likely to feel a boost in self-esteem, who likes to look into the mirror and to engage in your healthy routines. Exercise, knowing people, working in themselves - this is what you have to think. From October 23rd, the focus will be on its relations and partnerships. Good height to start new relationships or strengthen ties, personal or professional, you want to maintain, according to your future plans. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Revitalize Kit. If you are feeling good on your skin, focus on the care it offers to this organ. O kit It has everything you need to tone, moisturize and protect the skin.


Start as many projects as you feel like and invested in your creative expression. Let your wishes speak loudly in the field of relationships. It is time to act, as the coming months will be times of reflection. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… Protein Creativity. To ensure that it has enough energy to strive for everything that wants to build.


The home sphere is focused on the first half of the month. Cleaning and space changes are welcome. The second part of the month will be much more intense, with the new moon to change the focus to its relationships. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… Sage. Known for cleaning energies and purifying the air, it will be welcome in the first part of the month, and also in the second, to give it clarity in times of doubt.


It is likely that you feel super busy during the month, with the communication zone high. From the 23rd, Saturn enters the seventh house, that of relationships, for the last time in the next 30 years. It's a time to reflect on the future and think about what you really want for you in the long run. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… Calm, a relaxing drink with cocoa and other adaptogenous plants to give it comfort at the most introspective moments.


You are commanded by Mercury, which has been retrograde, but now moves to the self -related sphere. It is possible to feel especially brilliant in your words and ideas. The money department will also be in evidence. Turn off your eaten side and invest money on something for you. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Firm kitfor a massage reaffirming to the skin of your body, with the water to work in synergy with a silky and toning oil.


Sol and Venus will be together to the sides of the self, that is, all the best! You will feel powerful inside and radiant on the outside. Mercury, communication planet, will also navigate to the same sides, from the 10th, so it is quite normal that it feels ease in dialogue and that the world is navigating to its taste. Your product of the month MPL'beauty is… the Teeth kit. You will want to have the best smile prepared to talk, work, and as you feel so beautiful, take some selfies to remember your best me when the energies are less positive.


The first part of the month will be more mystical and intense, with dreams, memories of the past and negative instincts. The brightest side will arrive on the 23rd, when the sun and Venus move to the sphere of the self, the perfect period to invest in its more carnal and sensual side. Your product of the month MPL'beauty… are the Super Desire Chocolates, daily dose of Sweet and Spicy - two good adjectives to characterize the two halves of the month.


Friendship will be the focus in much of the month. The rest of the year is smiling at the Sagittarius, with a statement of the affective calls. Expect self-supply, growth, new meetings and ties strengthening. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Mini Séruns Kit - To share with someone who feels you deserve as much as you.


Reputation, career and money are the keywords of the month. You will see new and promising perspectives, at professional level, and is a great time to notice. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… FOCUS MIXING, based on Matcha and Ashwagandha, to give a boost to its clarity, affirmation and energy ability, without bearing stress levels.


Saturn, the planet that runs aquarium and the person responsible for always “giving us a good lesson”, is in transit this month (and was also retrograde). We can say it was an troubled phase. The second half of the month is perfect for defining challenges, goals and how you want to see yourself in the next 10 years. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Serum illuminatesto enhance its natural glow at this more expansive phase. Well deserved!


The focus of the month is your intimacy. Fish, they know they can be intense, sensitive and lonely, but the scale time suggests lightness. Intimacy involves from sex to financial charges and death, so try to take it all smoother. From the 23rd, Jupiter, the planet that commands fish, returns to this sign, so it will be a favorable period, when it can embrace empathy, compassion, emotionality and the dreamer side are characteristic of their sign. Your product MPL'beauty of the month is… the Ritual kit. It is not always easy to dream and fall to reality, or feel everything 1000 times more than others. This one Kit It can help you connect more to your meditative and spiritual side.