Perfect Hair Removal in 6 Steps

We are officially coming close to the time of the “to the Leu”, Bikini on sunny days and short dress on long, hot nights - and how well you know, isn't it? With the summer approaching, many of us are taking the blade more often when we enter the shower, to say "goodbye" to the unwanted hair.

Today we share our 6 best tips for smooth and perfect hair removal at home, and the steps you should follow to avoid the appearance of infamous by the ingrown and other imperfections that we want to see far from our skin. Let's do it?

1. Take a hot shower to soften the hair

Taking a warmer shower before shaving helps you soften your hair and skin, which is needed for painless hair removal. Before passing the blade, try taking a hot bath for 5 to 10 minutes to make it easier to remove the hair and decrease the risk of irritating and cutting the skin.

2. Exfoliate the skin before hair removal

Owe exfoliate the skin before shaving? The answer is yes! This step will help cleanse the skin and remove dead cells - which can clog their follicles and "arrest" hair under the skin, resulting in infamous to the jams. When we exfoliated the skin, we are not only removing these dead cells, but also ensuring that the follicle is in the best conditions for hair removal, and supporting the normal growth of the hair after hair removal.

And now that the hottest days have come, our exfoliator suggestion will undoubtedly go to our wonderful Shines! With a delicious but delicious aroma to coconut and pink, this exfoliating will moisturize and illuminate your skin, leaving it extra smooth.

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3. Apply a depilatory oil

Now that your pores are more open - thanks to hot shower and exfoliation - it is time to apply a depilatory oil, letting it act on the skin for one to two minutes, so as to further soften the hair and decrease the irritation often caused by friction between the skin and the blade.

Enriched with avocado and Persian lime, our Soft It is perfect for preparing your skin for blade hair removal, helping it slide even more delicately. With a moisturizing and appeasing action, its formula will help not only to prevent cuts, the ingrown and other imperfections, but also to moisturize and deeply calm the skin.


4. Be aware of your blade

To ensure as smooth and perfect hair removal as possible, it is important to choose the right blade. Highly effective, our Soft reusable blade and you go to To shave the whole body without irritating the skin - besides allowing uniform hair removal, it is free of plastics and rechargeable, which makes it a more lasting and sustainable blade.

Chosen to bladeBe sure to take care of it in the best way: avoid leaving your blade wet or wet so as to prevent rusting and accumulation of bacteria. When you feel that you are applying too much pressure to be able to shave-remember that your blade should always be as “sharp” as possible, as more passages mean a greater likelihood of irritation, burns or backed ones-it is a sign that is a sign that It's time to change your blade. To do this, simply replace your current blade with a new recharge (you can find 5 refills in the blade box), and you are good to go!


5. Do not neglect the technique

Hair Removal may seem like an intuitive process, but the truth is that there are some points that should always take into account when they shave at home - among them not to shave in the morning, since our blood circulation is smaller and the legs can Be more swollen when we wake up, and shape always after a shower or shower. The technique you use to shave is equally important. You should always do it delicately and toward the growth of the hair, without overdoing the pressure that puts it on your blade.


6. Finish with a moisturizer

Before you go, don't forget to hydrate Well your skin! This step is very important as it will not only help your skin super smooth, but also prevent situations of dryness, burning, redness or irritation, sometimes caused by hair removal.

Enriched with shea butter, nutritious oils and botanical actives, the lightweight body milk It is perfect for moisturizing and calming your skin after hair removal, as it revitalizes the irritated and dry skin, returning softness and shine, and leaving it hydrated all day.