All about the feet kit

What is and how to use

The easiest and most professional way to make your pedicure at home. 

With spring at the door we have to start thinking about the deeper treatment of feetto keep them more hydrated and soft for open sandals and shoes.

That is why We created a kit which exfoliates and maintains hydration levels 100% naturally and very easy to use alone. Common super nutritious stick is LIMA NANO-GLASS, This one kit It has everything you need to have a delicate and soft feet all year round.

And yes, maybe talking about feet will not be the sexiest theme, but we want to help you prepare for the time of your foot and it's worth starting now!

All about the feet kit

What is and how a lime works nano-glass?

Yes, use a lime Super need in the foot can get a little fear in the beginning, especially with calosities and dry skins. But when used the right way, it is a beauty tool of the most useful! 

Maybe never heard of a lime nano-glass, But this is the most effective way lim Without hurting, with incredible accuracy. This technology (you can read more about it here) Allows you to remove dry skins and leave the skin surface very soft. Beyond its accuracy, this type of lime It still has incredible durability.

It is a super simple and intuitive way of Remove dry skin, soften cracked heels and even eliminate callosities. 

How to use

In dry or wet feet, rub with the rough side of the lime as necessary. Use it drought for a quick 10-minute cleaning or after a bath for extra deep treatment. The exclusive glass surface Softens the skin with precise abrasion, eliminating the need to use more aggressive methods or acid -based peelings.

  • We suggest that you soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin. Then pass with the harsher part of the limeAlways in the same direction, starting to work under the foot. Work the areas where the skin is thicker - like the heel. Should always use lime comfortably and without pain. If you hurt you should stop immediately. Finalize treatment with a good passage from Renew Intensive Moisturizer. If you want to do a hydration boost just put on some socks right after hydration. 
  • For pedicure Faster, maintenance, you don't have to soak your feet. Suck lime under the dry feet and finish with the hydration of the Stick Feet

What benefits does this Lima bring?

Beyond the aesthetic element of having super soft and beautiful feet the regular use of this feet kit It helps stimulate blood circulation, prevent callosity and improve the natural repair process of the skin.

How do you clean the Nano-Glass Lima?

The easiest and most effective way is to clean up lime With soap and water and finish with alcohol, between uses.
When it is clean let it dry over a towel and always be careful not to drop. Store only when it is completed dry.
All about the feet kit


Formulated to intensively nourish the drier skin, this balm in shape stick It is an even more practical way to keep your feet nourished and soft. 

Composed of super moisturizing ingredients and repairers such as Karité butter and CO2 extract of Calendula (See all ingredients here), when sliding on the skin will melt into an oil that prevents dehydration and brittle appearance on the skin. 

Besides being used to finish the pedicure after the LIMA NANO-GLASS, This one stick It can and should be applied whenever you need - and any part of the body you need nutrition!