Everything you need to know about cleaning oils and how to use

What if a good cleaning oil were (almost) everything you need to get clean, soft, fresh and well hydrated skin? True, good face oil, formulated with 100% natural ingredients that respect the pH of the skin without assaulting it can do wonders. And even for those most problematic, or reactive skins, right cleaning oil can be the solution, and do much more than you think for the health and beauty of the skin.

Cleaning Oil Benefits

Cleaning oils are spectacular to clean the skin, remove impurities and make -up. They clean in depth, but kindly, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and healthy. And this with all skin types!

‌To leave your skin always happy, We recommend that you clean your face twice a day: In the morning, upon waking, to “awaken” the skin for the new day, and at night, before bed, to clean in depth and prepare the skin for the regenerative process that happens during the rest hours.

These are some of the benefits of cleaning oils:

  • Respect the pH of the skin, leaving the natural oils of the skin intact, contrary to what can happen with foams and cleaning gels
  • Balance excessive oiliness
  • Preserve the skin microbiome, maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria
  • Remove dead cells It is Cleans the pores
  • Remove make -up It is dirty accumulated
  • Prepare the skin to more effectively absorb the botanical active of their beauty products
  • Because they have the right texture for massage, they promote circulation It is activate lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthen protective barrier of the skin
  • Moisturizes in depth, especially the driest skins
  • Calm skin inflammation, such as acne and rosacea

Everything you need to know about cleaning oils and how

taking doubts

Cleaning oils are wonderful to clean all skin types, from the driest to the most oily. The point is to find the oil suitable for your skin type.

I have dry skin, should I clean the skin less frequently?

In no way! Cleaning the skin is that basic ritual where it all starts, and cannot fail. If you have dry skin, you should be careful not to use products with a very aggressive pH, such as gel or foam products, as they are more likely to unbalance the pH of the skin. These a lot of foam products have a more alkaline pH that will accentuate dryness, irritation and discomfort.

My skin has a tendency to excess oil, can I use an oil to it?

The answer is yes, yes and yes! It seems contradictory, but because they respect the natural oils of the skin, cleaning oils can indeed help control excessive oil production. Deep down, it is a matter of balance. When we clean the skin with more “aggressive” products, such as a gel or foam, this can trigger the reverse effect: the skin gets more irritated, and reacts, producing more oil. This is not the case with natural cleaning oils.

What if I don't clean the skin before bed?

It's a bad idea. It is essential to clean the skin each night before bed, to remove dirt, impurities, makeup, dead cells and pollution. If you do not do so, it is as if you are wearing a face mask of dirt and toxins, which will cause premature aging, acne and an irregular texture.

Are cleaning oils good for removing makeup? And the sunscreen?

Absolutely! They clean in depth, but smoothly, removing all traces of make -up from the skin (even waterproof make up) and even thicker sunscreen. You can use them all over your face, even in your eyes and to remove the lipstick.

How to use your cleaning oil

Everything you need to know about cleaning oils and how

So that your oil cleaning ritual is really effective and delicious, you will need a Cotton Facial Towel. Wet the 100% cotton facial towel in hot water and rinse. Repeat this process at least twice so that the towel is very hot and can create the intended steam effect. Then cover the face with the damp and warm towel. The heat will act and help the pores open. Finally, lay down a few drops of jasmine oil or camellian oil In the moist towel and gently massage, in circular motions by the face and neck.

Now that you know everything a good cleaning oil can do for you, we really want to try it and feel it on your skin. Our Jasmine: Cleaning Oil and Parent, cleans the skin, removes impurities and is great for cleaning the makeup. 100% biological to use with the facial towel previously moisted (also exists in cleaning kit) or laying some drops in cotton to remove makeup. For the most sensitive and reactive skin, we recommend the Camellia, with Japanese Camellia, Moringa oil and rose muskequet, super light and soothing, wonderful to remove excessive oiliness, leaving your skin smooth and bright.