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O ritual para o seu signo

The ritual for your sign

How to enhance the arrival of the new season and create new habits. And suddenly, it's Autumn again, the time for new beginnings. On September 23rd, we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox - when day and night have an identical length and we enter the second half of the astrological year.

The Sun will enter Libra and ask us to rebalance our lives and our routines . This is the star that represents the vital energy of our lives, so it is a great time to practice our gratitude. We must seek tranquility within ourselves and harmony between all facets of life: work, family, relationships, individuality. It is a time for reflection: should we stay on this path or move towards change?

The cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn -, those that lead the entry into each season, will be the most impacted by the Equinox and the new cycle that begins. But none should be left out of self-care rituals.


Slow down and think before acting. It can be difficult for an impulsive leader, but also necessary.

Try to reduce the rush of life. Try beauty rituals that require more time and patience, like a face mask .


Spending time in Nature is essential for signs of the Earth element. Express your desires, to feel the change of season flowing. Connect with your own body.

Take the opportunity to go for long walks or bike rides. Always stay hydrated and with an energy boost, thanks to Super Feminina .


Body and mind movement is always important for this sign. The advice is to select and focus on just one thing: on someone (it could be on you!), on a project, on an idea. Challenge yourself to have a Gua Sha massage every day for a month. Make a commitment and you will see that the benefits are worth it!


You need to release your emotions, to reach a balance. Create a daily ritual, in which you allow yourself to feel everything that arises within you (it's okay to cry!). Maybe with a cup of Calma everything will flow in the best way.


Counter your tendency to hold on to fixed ideas. Embracing change can be good. Try completely changing something in your beauty routine.Hair , face , body or smile : which of these is furthest from the woman you seek to be?


Perfectionists par excellence, it's time to get a little careless. Get out of line and relax. Forget about rules, schedules and obligations. How long has it been since you took the time to hydrate your skin and give yourself a self-massage just because?!


It's your season. Queens of balance, take advantage of the arrival of Autumn to evaluate the energy you deposit in different areas of your life. It is time to seek harmony among all. They have everything to start an expansion phase. They just need focus !


Try to come out of the depths of the world of darkest thoughts and focus on everything that gives you light. Face your shadows, meditating or writing. Clearing your energies with Pau Santo will help you feel lighter. It's also a good time for a detox .



Try to open horizons in relation to your ideals, which you defend so much. Try to be with people with different views and try new things. Include a totally different habit in your routine. How about oil pulling or cupping ?


Hey, life isn't all about work! Balance the part that is missing: fun and time for yourself. Swap 10 minutes of reading emails for an exfoliation with Relax in your morning shower. You'll see that it pays off.


It's so common to get lost in your thoughts, isn't it? Take advantage of the new season to connect with your surroundings - and with yourself. Enjoy Nature and give your body an extra boost, with movements and breathing. Bet on practical things, to escape the world of dreams for a few moments. To activate circulation and work on your skin's elasticity, try the Firme Kit .



Too much sensitivity and empathy sometimes make us feel too much, leaving us overwhelmed. Try to be present in every little thing in your daily life, focusing on the here and now. Take a moment from your daily beauty routine to really be aware of the benefits it brings you and the opportunity you have every day to dedicate yourself to yourself. How about morning and night, during your skin cleansing ?

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