From the Inside Out with Maria Lousão

You may already be lucky enough to know Maria Lousão, an artist from Lisbon with unparalleled good taste. If you don't know her, I recommend you stop by here and take a look at her work.

Around here we were curious (very curious) to know what she likes, what she listens to, what she reads... I hope you enjoy it.


Maria Lousao - Being


Sign: Aries

Season: Summer

A color: All of them, I love colors!

A book: "The black book of style" I find this book funny, "be Parisian wherever you are" by several authors and one of them a style reference for me, Caroline de Maigret. I recently started reading "White people can dance too" by Kalaf Epalanga, which deals with themes I became aware of a few years ago.

A movie: Elvis.

A song: Music is like color for me, I can't choose, we listen to a lot of music at home and of various kinds, I like so many.

An object: A mini wooden chair that my father made, I've had it since I was a child and now it's in my living room on the shelf as a decorative object.

Favorite place in the world: Arrábida


Maria Lousão - Create


Who and what inspires you? People, places, objects, it's difficult to choose just one because I see stimuli and inspiration everywhere and it happens to me a thousand times a day 😅

What do you still have to create? So much, I feel like I've only just begun.

How to maintain creativity: I keep all the ideas I have, write them down, take photos and turn to these notes whenever I need to, I try to paint when I have an idea, that might mean starting a painting at 04:00 in the morning.


Maria Lousao - Living


First thing to do when you wake up: Breakfast and coffee.

How to relax at the end of the day: Go to a park or garden before going home.

A place to switch off: My house.

Favorite physical exercise: Walking, and swimming in the sea.

How do you release stress? Mar da Arrábida, I grew up there and when I need balance I go there.

A woman who inspires you: Graça PazIt was following Graça's work that I gained the courage to show what I was painting and create a page to share it. Until then, I didn't keep my paintings, I didn't show them and I gave them to friends and family. Graça inspired me to take my talent seriously and turn it into my work.

Maria Lousão - Nourish 


Your ideal diet is... A bit of everything, but I can't live without good grilled fish.

What you always have in the fridge: eggs, Greek yogurt and jam.

Dinner-saver recipe: My husband's chili, it's amazing and everyone loves it!

Favorite drink: Coffee.

Favorite snack: Fruit and toast.

Favorite restaurant: It's already closed and it used to be in Setúbal, now it's the Páteo 13 in Alfama, a grilled fish restaurant, of course.

Favorite cookbook: I actually invent a lot when cooking, and when I need help I turn to recipes on the internet.


Maria Lousão - Caring


Beauty icon: Various but, Tina Kunakey is beautiful.

An essential piece of clothing: Carhartt overallsI have 3 and they were perfect while I was pregnant, they're still a size up.

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Cleansing e moisturizing skin.

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Super Hair Serum.

How do you feel most beautiful? Beautiful skin, groomed hair and clothes that I like but are comfortable.


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