Today, you can get to know Sara better, fromWoollã Studio! If you don't know her project yet, take a look at and fall in love with the pieces she creates. Delicate, elegant, more sober or colorful - I'd say it's hard not to find at least one thing you love! I can immediately imagine one of the mugs with a matcha and a thousand other things to decorate my living room.

I always feel inspired to learn more about women dedicated to creating something unique from scratch. I hope you will too!


Sign: Aries.



A book:The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The dialogues are incredible.

Movie:Whiplash byDamien Chazelle.

A song:Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons.

A podcast:I'm more of a series guy. "This is Us" is one of my favorites.

An object:Mug. I have many but somehow they are always too few.

Favorite place in the World:Fonte Boa, Mozambique, where I did Volunteer Mission.


Who and what inspires you? Women entrepreneurs who create businesses from scratch, mainly in Portugal.

What do you still need to create? So much. A Woollã is still a baby and there is so much room to create and grow.

How to maintain creativity: Look at the world as if it is always the first time.


First thing to do when you wake up: Open the bedroom window.

How to relax at the end of the day: Take a walk.

A place to unplug: The beach.

Favorite physical exercise: Dancing.

How you discharge stress: Cooking.

A woman who inspires you: my mother. Every day, in different ways.


Your ideal diet is... AsianI love everything.

What do you always have in the fridge: Cheese!!!

Dinner Saver Recipe: Couscous with whatever is in the fridge.

Favorite drink: Piña Colada.

Favorite Snack: Blueberries.

Favorite Restaurant: Boa-Bao e Esquina do Avesso (Inside Out Corner).

Favorite cookbooks: My grandmother's recipe book, which is now my mother's.


Beauty icon: Any confident woman unafraid to be herself.

An essential piece of clothing: Black dress.

What's not missing in your beauty routine: Cleanse e Moisturize the skin.

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Lip repair balm. It goes everywhere with me, I can't live without it.

How do you feel more beautiful? After a day at the beach.