All about Tropicalia

Who has never imagined on a paradise island, barefoot in the fine sand, a deserted beach with an endless crystalline sea? We have all dreamed of this idyllic scenario… and now we can transport it to our beauty routine.

As? With our irresistible solid moisturizer Tropicália, to moisturize and nourish the skin, while perfuming it with a wonderful tropical aroma! 100% natural and formulated with highly antioxidant ingredients, in a practical solid format to always have it in the wallet, in the beach bag and the traveling of travel. We are totally surrendered - and we can barely wait for you all to experience the wonders of this tropical cocktail!

What is the Tropicália?

It is an intensive solid moisturizer designed to nourish and moisturize the skin from head to toe. 100% natural and biological care, with an irresistible tropical aroma and a practical solid format, our new Tropicália It can be applied to the skin of the face and body, lips and hands, making it a super versatile moisturizer to always have it-and a true must-have in your vacation necessaire!

To make it even better, we created two distinct sizes: a 24g travel, perfect to always have in the wallet or beach bag, and a larger of 82g, to moisturize and nourish the skin at home.

What are the benefits of this moisturizer?

 Moisturizer and nourishes the skin in depth;
 Rich in antioxidants, it helps protect cells against oxidation and aging;
 Keeps skin healthy, uniform and radiant;
 A Versatile Care For the skin of the face and body, hands and lips, with a delicious tropical aroma.


That ingredients chose for the Tropicália?

Tonka: With antioxidant properties, known for its ability to absorb UV radiation, leaving the skin with a healthier and more radiant appearance. In addition, it also helps to illuminate and standardize the skin, while reducing signs of aging.

Cocoa: An ingredient rich in antioxidants that protect cells against oxidation and aging. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, known for softening redness and imperfections, keeping the skin super hydrated, healthy and radiant.

How to use?

To feel all the benefits and (wonderful) tropical aroma of this new moisturizer, just apply it to dry skin, sliding it to the areas you want to nourish. Massage directly on the skin, spreading with your hands where you need extra hydration. You can use all over your body, such as moisturizer of hands, face and lips.

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