DDPF Luisa Almeida

If there's one thing I value, it's a good diet and I strongly believe that the way food is produced has a huge impact on our bodies. I'd rather eat less, but invest in better quality, than the opposite. I've always tried to find producers close to everywhere I've lived, who I trust completely, and I really think this is the right (and even futuristic) way to look at food - local and conscious.

If I lived in the Lisbon area, I'm sure I'd be in good hands with the baskets from Quinta do Arneiro. And I'm very happy to introduce Luísa, the woman who transformed a wonderful farm, in the family since 1967, into an organic farming project, with a market and restaurant included. Maybe this interview will make you want to try Quinta do Arneiro's products or even pay them a visit, to get to know the project better. I hope so!


Sign: Aquarius.

Season: Fall.

One color: Green.

A book: The Shadow and the Wind.

A movie: Into the wild.

A song: Into the arms of my mother Pedro Abrunhosa with Camponeses de Pias.

A podcast: Business Unusual.

An object: Cell phone.

Favorite place in the world:  Quinta do Arneiro.




Who and what inspires you? Nature.

What do you have yet to create? A lot.

How to keep creative: I'm never short of it.



First thing to do when you wake up: Stretch.

How to relax at the end of the day: Sofa, TV and tea.

A place to switch off: Idanha-a-velha.

Favorite physical exercise: Stretching.

How you discharge stress: By firing.

A woman who inspires you: All women entrepreneurs.



Your ideal diet is... vegetarian

What you always have in the fridge: Soup.

Dinner-saving recipe: Tortilla.

Favorite drink: Wine and kombucha.

Favorite snack: Nuts.

Favorite restaurant: Restaurante da Quinta.

Favorite cookbooks: Those of Jamie Oliver.



Beauty icon: When talking about Icons always come the same names that combine beauty and elegance and are no longer with us. I can't think of any current icon. I like "practical" beauties more than perfect ones, for example Elle Macpherson e Javier Bardem.

An essential piece of clothing: T-shirt.

What's not missing from your beauty routine: moisturizing cream.

How do you feel most beautiful? Tanned, although I know it ruins the skin ...