Exfoliating your face: yes or no?

Exfoliating is probably the skincare product with the most immediate result. The skin is automatically softer, cleaner and ready to receive other products. That's why it's so easy to overdo this step in your skincare routine and very quickly see the spell turn against the sorcerer - especially when it comes to facial skin, which is more delicate and exposed than body skin.

What happens when you exfoliate your skin?

Exfoliating the skin has several benefits: cleanse pores, remove dead cells and encourage cell renewal, improve absorption of products products, even out skin tone e stimulate circulation.

However, when we over-exfoliate the skinand depending on one's tolerance, we can increase its sensitivity. We can feel redder, drier, flakier, burning or itchier skin.

In cases of skin with acnein which regular use of chemical exfoliants, with ingredients such as lactic or glycolic acid, their continued use can destroy the natural moisture barrier, which does nothing to improve this skin condition. That's why we advocate a much gentler approach to acne treatment.

But then how should I exfoliate my face?

This way, we're fans of gently exfoliating our facial skin, based on physical exfoliantssuch as facial brush, a Luminous Mask or the face cleansing kit. They prevent the skin from becoming too vulnerable and do not cause microaggressions in the epidermis.. Remember that the exfoliant you use on your body is not the same as the one you use on your face, just as you don't use the same moisturizers.

Facial skin requires its own specific care. Shall we go through the routine?

  1. Towel + Cleansing Serum

Yes, this essential you use (or should use) every day isn't just a way to cleanse your skin, preventing residue from building up in your pores. It's also a way to gently exfoliate the skin, through the circular movements you make with the towel and the very texture of the cotton towel. It activates circulation, removes dead cells, make-up and traces of skin products, and promotes cell regeneration, for stronger, cleaner skin. In addition to the Jasmine cleansing oilwe now also have the Camellia oilspecially formulated for sensitive skin.

2. Facial brush

One of our favorite beauty tools is the facial brush. It allows for a light exfoliation of the facial skin, while activating the circulation and lymphatic system, supporting the release of toxins, the removal of dead cells and the regeneration of collagen. It is also super effective at fighting puffiness and dark circles. It should be used on dry skin, before cleansing and moisturizing, two to three times a week. You already know, always with upward movementssliding from the central part of the face to the extremities. Don't forget to use it on the neck too, as it is a key area for stimulating the lymphatic system.

3. Luminous Mask

Another wonderful way to exfoliate and moisturize the skin at the same time. A Luminous Mask contains green clay, ideal for purifying the skin and absorbing accumulated impurities. É enriched with lactobacillus, a probiotic which soothes the skin and stimulates the good bacteria of our microbiotato keep skin healthy and protected. It also contains moisturizing oils and antioxidant ingredients such as acai and honey. Make this mask two to three times a weekleaving it on for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinsing off with lukewarm water. For skin with acne, we recommend our Anti-Acne Mask.