DDPF - Constança Cordeiro

Although not a fan of alcohol, I have to confess that the work of Constance Cordeiro arouses my curiosity! The cocktails you create in your bars Fox hole and in Uni, both in Lisbon, combine drinks distilled by them and seasonal ingredients (collected by the staff!), In a letter that is changing regularly, taste for the stations - like a good restaurant, for me, makes the food. In addition, Constance creates the drinks of other bars and restaurants and also has a podcast - In Floating Ice. There is a lot to know and the things it creates and inspire it, and now one more, from the inside out today. I hope you enjoy! 


Sign: Sagittarius.

Seasons: Beginning of spring.

A Collor: Blue.

A book: Inês's braid - Rosa Lobato Faria.

Film: Bones and all.

A song: Harvest Moon - Neil Young.


An object: Spatula Salazar.

Favorite place in the world: A spot in the Damgil dam.


Who and what inspires you? People with passion and nature.

What do you still need to create? A lot of things!

How to maintain creativity: Know how to stop and disconnect.



First thing to do when you wake up: Walk Elvis - My dog.

How to relax at the end of the day: See the series - The Office version US.

A place to turn off: Alentejo.

Preferred physical exercise: Tennis.

How to discharge the stress: Being with friends and a glass of wine.

A woman who inspires you: Beatriz Jardinha.


What do you always have in the fridge: Herbs.

SAVING RECIPE: Sea bass to salt.

Favorite drink: Ginger Ale with sparkling wine.

Preferred snack: Mini corn tortillas with Rosmaninho.

Favorite Restaurant: Meadow.

Favorite kitchen books: The noma guide to fermentation.


Beauty icon: Sharon Stone.

An essential piece of clothing: A Long Sleeve T-Shirt from the Fox Back.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: The body illuminator.

How do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy.