DDPF Alexa de Castilho

Today I present you to Alexa. I have known Alexa since I was a child, our parents are friends. I always admired her, being more "cool", more interesting and older. With Portuguese father and English mother lived in Portugal and Brazil before returning to England.

I went back to her when I lived in London (20 years ago), found her at Spitalfields Market every Sunday, she sold art/design pieces with lighting there.

But what made me want a lot that she would be part of the DDPF is this very important work she does today..chamado FIFTH. A demystifying what really means menopause for women. Something that, I don't realize why, is completely taboo in many circles. We women are not taught about what menopause really is, what this can mean to us ... to our body, emotions and heads. I believe it is changing but however there are still many prejudices. Lots of information but especially support to realize the changes that take place in our body when the height approaches. Alexa's work is all around to support women in their midst, to feel better in their body, in their transformations and decisions. 

That's why I'm really happy not only for sharing her work but your tips too! Many precious ones. I hope you enjoy it, to pass on your site and if you are lucky are part of your FIFTH also. 


Sign: Capricorn 
Seasons: Fall
A book: The Myth of Normal by Gabor Mate and Daniel Mate
Film: Hunt for the Wilderpeople
A song: Baby love, Petite Meller
A podcast: THE DIARY OF THE CEO Steven Bartlett
An object: Crystals
Favorite place in the world: The ocean


Who and what inspires you? My future self/adventure
What do you still need to create? So much so much, for now I'm working on an antidote program for women to recover their innate body wisdom through menopause.
How to maintain creativity: For me the cacao of ceremonial degree and meditation where I find a deep connection to my inner world, I associate with the energies of my work that hold the energy of transformation, sovereignty and love.

First thing to do when you wake up: I exercise outdoors, diving in the ocean, cacao and meditation.
How to relax at the end of the day: I take this time to hear podcast, read and learn.
A place to turn off: In nature/ in the ocean
Preferred physical exercise: At this moment training with weights.
How to discharge the stress: Breathing exercises, nature, swimming in the ocean, hugs, meditation, listening to music and dancing around the kitchen table.
A woman who inspires you: My mother, she's a pioneer.

Your ideal diet is… beans
What do you always have in the fridge: Fermented food
SAVING RECIPE: Seafood rice
Favorite drink: Cocoa
Preferred snack: Dry fruits
Favorite Restaurant: Anything from the midnight tapas style.
Favorite kitchen books: Simple Ottolenghi


Beauty icon: Lauren Hutton
An essential piece of clothing: Colorful bra
What is not lacking in your beauty routine:Work from the inside out, true beauty is inside and shines stronger.
Product MPL'beauty favorite: Super woman capsules, puro sol Because there is not enough sun in the UK.
How do you feel more beautiful? Exercise, nutrition, ritual.