How to keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay

The skin around the eyes and lips is the most sensitive and delicate on the face. It is one of the places where we start to see the first expression wrinkles and it is also an area where dark circles and darker skin indicate that our detoxification systems may not be working so well.

How should we take care of the eye contour?

After cleansing the face, you should apply an eye serumeven before the serum or face cream. And why a serum? Much better and faster absorbed by the skin and safer for those who have sensitive skin and usually react when moisturizing this area. Our Effective serum has the bonus of a stainless steel roll-on, which makes it perfect for refreshing this area and helping it to deflate. With oils and plant extracts rich in Vitamin Cits action antioxidant firming the skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness and maintains skin soft and moisturized.

Pump it up! Effective Serum + Gua Sha Mushrooms

For even more effective care, we recommend the Eye Kitthe combination of serum with the Gua Sha mushrooms. If you already use or know Gua Sha for face and body, these little stones should really be part of your routine. With a shape suitable for massaging the eye contour, help to stimulate skin elasticity, boost blood circulation and the lymphatic system and improve the absorption of your serum.. They're perfect after a bad night's sleep to refresh your look - especially if you keep them in the fridge to feel the thermal shock. You can see the video with Mafalda's explanation to leave you in no doubt about how to use this amazing beauty tool!

Other tips for eye contouring

Moisturizing. If your eyes are puffy, it's a sign of inflammation and fluid retention. It's super important to drink your water. As soon as you wake up, we suggest with some Detox dropsto wake up your body and get your body's cleansing systems moving. And don't forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you add a few Beauty Dropsin addition to boosting hydration thanks to rose water and silica, the delicious taste may help you drink more water.

Movement. It's important to stimulate blood circulation, to boost the lymphatic system to get rid of waste and toxins built up in the body which, in turn, result in things like bloating. It's just one of the many reasons why you should invest in exercise, even if it's just walking or lighter exercises. Back to the beauty routine, the Gua Sha mushrooms can be your best friend - extra points if you pop them in the fridge and enjoy the thermal shock. Regular lymphatic drainage with the facial brush is also a great routine to implement.

Cold water. If you can, opt for cold water in your morning shower. If you prefer to take it easy, start with warm water and then finish with about 1 minute under cold water. This is the most effective way to activate circulation and lymphatic drainage. You know how you feel refreshed after a dip in the sea? That's pretty much it! And nothing could be more effective to wake you up and start your day. Then you're ready to your eye care routine.