How to Have Super Hair: Tips for Strong, Healthy Hair

Unfortunately, the approach of fall also brings with it the panic of hair loss, as this season is associated with more hair on the hands.

It's also a time when our hair feels weaker and less shiny due to the damage caused by the summer.

This hair loss usually has more to do with an internal imbalance, on an emotional, hormonal and dietary level, but also because we overload our scalp with products full of chemicals. Nourishing your hair with the right "clean" ingredients and nourishing your body internally is the way to regain strong, silky and healthy hair.

Here are some tips to help you achieve stronger, thicker and shinier hair.

How to have super hair

Don't eat too much raw/cold food

Ayurvedic medicine teaches that when there is an imbalance in Vata (one of the three doshas), our hair can become weaker. This imbalance occurs when we overindulge in cold and dry elements. This doesn't mean that you should stop eating raw foods, but you should compensate with warm, cooked foods, especially during the fall and winter months. Drink a glass of warm water after your smoothie, have tea with your fruit, eat soup after your salad. This way digestion is more efficient and the body absorbs nutrients more easily, not falling into deficits that can cause hair thinning.

Take the right supplements

Hair loss is one of the main warnings when something is wrong, particularly stress, hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiency. We always have to think about "treating" it from the inside out first. There are a lot of offers on the market, here we'll stick to what really works, just read the reviews:

"Highly recommend - I love this product. I've been using it regularly since last year and the differences are noticeable (and not just in the hair, as it contains lots of vitamins). My husband has also become a fan ☺️"

These capsules are made up of a mixture of medicinal plants and specific vitamins to control hair loss and stimulate growth. As they come in capsule form, they're easy to take - 2-3 first thing in the morning with breakfast.


Hair ToolsMassage the scalp

This is very important for stimulate blood circulation, dilating the blood vessels in the scalp which boost hair growth. The hair follicles are made up of cells which, when stimulated by massage, dilate and can increase the thickness of the hair.

Think of the follicles as a root. We need to nourish and treat it in order for it to grow in the healthiest way. To nourish from the "outside in", use theserumwhich contains a concentrate of medicinal plants that will stimulate the growth and health of the hair. Ideally, after applying the serum, massage the hair with the comb Jade, you can find out more about how it works and why here.

Odermaroller is another specific "tool" for those who want to stimulate the growth of new hair and are starting to experience high hair loss. You can find out more about how to use here

Avoid taking too much caffeine

It dehydrates the body, leaving it colder and drier and prone to hair loss. So if you drink a lot of coffee, think about reducing it or replacing it with equally energizing plants.

How to get super hair

Drink water throughout the day

25% of the weight of each strand of hair is made up of water. It is the key ingredient that boosts vitamins essential to hair health and, without hydration, hair becomes brittle and fragile. So keep drinking your water and if you want, give it a boost with Hair Drops or the Beauty Drops, which also strengthen skin and nails.

Choose natural products

On our skin, in our hair, in our food... It's important not to use products that are aggressive to the body. How many of you have used "drugstore" anti-dandruff shampoos that left your hair totally dull? Opt for herbal formulas that strengthen the hair e fight scalp irritationsuch as carrot, rosemary, nettle or mint. If you dye your hair, replace the dyes with natural coloring with henna.