Why use Natural Toothpaste and Deodorant?

Just as we choose a product to take care of our skin, our largest organ, which is capable of absorbing everything, we should also pay attention to two other areas of the body, which are generally very affected by chemicals in their daily care: the mouth and the armpits. In the mouth, we have a direct link to our bloodstream (which is why some medicines are placed under the tongue, for faster action); and in the armpits we have lymph nodes and also a sensitive environment for the development of breast problems.

Toothpaste and deodorant formulas are often full of chemical ingredients that don't do our bodies any good. For this very reason, and because these are sensitive areas where we put toothpaste or deodorant very often, we should pay extra attention to the hygiene products we choose.

 Cardamom Toothpaste Natural

Natural Toothpaste

If you've seen the live about oral health, you know what motivated her to create her own toothpaste, which is now also mpl'beauty toothpaste. Why shouldn't we be able to swallow toothpaste or use it on children? And why are formulas sweet, when this encourages our digestive system in the opposite direction when we brush our teeth after a meal?

In toothpaste Cardamom, cleaning and mineralizing agents are 100% natural. O coconut oil has properties whitening e anti-bacterial; o bicarbonate and salt help tokeep the pH of the mouth balanced, a clean teeth and protect against oral inflammation; a clay helps remineralize e polish teeth. The formula also contains essential oils such as spearmint, cardamom, mint and tea tree, for freshen breath naturally, protect gums e prevent infections

Using a salty or low-foaming toothpaste may feel strange at first, but just think that avoiding questionable ingredients pays off in the long run.

 Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

Natural deodorant

There are studies that associate the use of cosmetic products, especially deodorantswith aluminum and synthetic fragrancesto the development of breast cancer and thyroid problems. In addition, traditional deodorants are generally antiperspirants, inhibiting the body's natural ability to release toxins and impurities.

Our natural deodorant formulasare not only free of aluminum and synthetic fragrancesdo not prevent the body from perspiring - simply neutralize odors, keeping armpits fresh and clean during the day. We use ingredients such as activated charcoal, clay, zinc oxide and arrowrootto absorb moisture and neutralize odours; the formulas contain essential oils, not only for perfume armpits, but also for the anti-bacterial and moisturizing effects.

You can choose whether you prefer a deodorant in stick or cream e, if you have an allergic reaction to sodium bicarbonatewe havethree safe options without this ingredient: in stick or cream (Sensitive or Soothing).

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