We believe in the power of natural ingredients to share the products and tools needed for true beauty - beauty that is based on nourishing and balancing body, mind and spirit.

Mafalda Chick MilkMafalda Pinto Leite, Founder

Natural beauty without compromising results

Efficacy, quality and purity
A pioneer in the world of natural beauty, Mafalda Pinto Leite could not find products that were truly 100% natural and organic, with the effectiveness, quality, transparency and purity she wanted. That's why she created MPL'beauty - for her and for all women who, like her, do not want to compromise results or their health by taking care of their beauty.

Our ingredients

MPL ingredients

100% natural, 100% effective
Opting for all - natural ingredients does not mean compromising results-quite the opposite. Our formulas are created with botanical actives from highly nutritious plants and with proven effects in maintaining firm, Young and luminous skin, without resorting to toxic products.

High quality raw material
We use hundreds of ingredients, from oils to plant extracts, from producers in various parts of the world - always organic and with sustainable production methods. When you buy a product from MPL'beauty, you can feel safe because you are paying a fair price for what comes inside the package. It is not part of our philosophy to choose lower quality ingredients to reduce our costs and compromise the final product.

Biological certification
We only use natural ingredients from organic farming. We seek, whenever possible, to be certified by the COSMOS and ECOCERT, the highest certification bodies in the field of cosmetics. MPL'beauty is currently completing this certification process.

Concentrated and transparent formulas
It would be unthinkable for us to put the minimum amount of an ingredient and fill the rest of the formula with artificial fillers. Each product is created by harmoniously combining various plants and their benefits, in the amount that we believe is the most beneficial for the desired end results.

More sustainable packaging
Our packaging is made of glass or aluminum and can be reused or recycled. We have been replacing our labels with glass prints to save the expense of paper and ink. We use as little plastic as possible, only when it is strictly necessary for the functionalities of the packaging.

All products are free of:

  • GMOs
  • Toxin
  • Fillers, fragrances and artificial colors
  • Synthetic chemical ingredients

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