MPL'Beauty by Mafalda Pinto Leite. Our maxim is “Linda de Morrer, Por Dentro e Por Fora” and that's what we work for every day. We believe in the power of natural ingredients to share the products and tools necessary for true beauty - a beauty that is based on nourishing and balancing body, mind and spirit. We want to reach you and help you shine more.

Mafalda Pinto Leite

Mafalda Pinto Leite, Founder 


For Women, for Women

When I started my journey as a Chef, I quickly realized that the skin is a reflection of our food. I have always been fascinated by the alchemy of plants and how true beauty begins in our kitchen. But I also wanted to be able to control what I put directly on my skin.

When I realized that most beauty products are full of toxic ingredients, I knew that I had to create what I wanted to use - and share them with all the fantastic women around me. I took a course in Formulating Natural Beauty Products and Managing Beauty Products Companies, and here I am.

I created MPL’Beauty to help you achieve your balance, so that you can enhance all the beauty that is within you.



MPL Ingredients
What we believe in

At MPL’Beauty, we believe that we can only nourish our skin with 100% natural ingredients. Nature gives us everything we need - we just need to know how to use the right plants, vitamins and minerals to cleanse, hydrate and regenerate the skin. We defend a holistic beauty: from the inside out, from the outside in. Achieving the natural glow that you so desire is much simpler than it looks.

Formulas and ingredients

Each formula is specially created by Mafaldacombining ancient and modern herbal wisdom to help nourish your body, mind and soul. We work daily to create highly effective beauty tools and supplements, without ever compromising our values. Everything you find in our store is completely chemical free, with no preservatives, parabens, petrolatums or synthetic perfumes.

The quality of the ingredients is fundamental for us. All are obtained individually and harvested with care. All have biological certification and, once the plants are mixed, there is still a certification made by a third company. We choose only highly nutritious plants, and all extracts and oils are removed cold to preserve all therapeutic benefits.

All products are free of lactose, gluten and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). All of them are free of animal products, except the (few) formulas in which we use honey and beeswax. None of our products are tested on animals.

Our packaging allow to preserve the qualities of the formulas to the maximum. Whenever possible, we opted for glass, as it is reusable and extends the life of all active components, effectively protecting them from direct light. Each package is created with a lot of dedication so that it also conveys the essence of each formula - that's why we are very happy when they are reused by you.

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