Why and how to choose Protein for yourself!

Everyone knows someone who worries about the amount of protein they eat, or if they are vegetarian, they have heard the typical "what about protein?". It is true that protein is a very important macronutrient for our body, but it is not at all mandatory that it be of animal origin.

Some of the functions of protein:

 - Build muscle, tissue and cartilage

- Strengthen bones, hair, and nails

- Repair tissue, which is why it is so important in people who do bodybuilding

- Support the body's oxygenation

- Supporting enzyme production, which helps improve digestion

- Supporting hormone regulation

Actually, what the body needs to assimilate protein is 20 amino acids - 11 of them are produced by the human body, and 9 of them have to be obtained through food. And they can all be found in plants!

The thing about animal protein is that it already has all these amino acids, while certain plant proteins require us to combine them. But there are also bioavailable plant protein sources, such as Protein Blends that I formulated for the store.

All from organic sources, because the quality of the protein is very important.
Remember that when we eat animal protein, for example, we also ingest any antibiotics or feed (often genetically modified corn and soy) that the animal may have eaten...

Plant proteins can also give us a good dose of micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and fiber. Nutrients such as zinc, selenium, and B-complex vitamins, which we find in pumpkin or sesame seeds, for example, are very important for stimulating good nutrient absorption and strengthening digestive tissues. To strengthen bones, teeth, and skin, we need Vitamin K and calcium, which are very present in mushrooms and pea protein.

It was with this combination of factors in mind that I created the store proteins. To each one, I added medicinal plants and adaptogens chosen to support the body in different ways.


Super Feminine

I often say that it is "everything you need in a spoon". Each serving provides 21 gr of protein, contains greens and enzymes, which support digestive health, fiber, to leave you satiated longer, and medicinal plants and adaptogens that help reduce stress and balance the hormonal system.


Pure Beauty Protein

In addition to bio-fermented brown rice protein, it contains plants rich in vitamin C, which stimulate collagen production and regeneration. The best way to get energy while taking care of your skin's health.

 Protein Creativity

A boost of energy, focus and mood, in a protein enriched with energizing plants like matcha and eleuthro. With a good dose of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in Spirulina and Chlorella to boost the body's detoxification mechanisms.

 Protein Energy

It has a delicious flavor and is full of plants that stimulate our energy, strength, and endurance. Ideal for those who have very active mornings!


 Super Hair Powder

With protein and lots of vitamins for healthy hair from the inside out. With medicinal plants that strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss, balancing the hormonal system and nutritional deficits, which are often reflected in our hair.