Silicone in hair: yes or no?

Just as we protect our skin from the sun, we should also protect our hair and scalp. Remember hearing in this live that the scalp ages 6 times faster than the skin? During the summerwith the rUV rays much stronger and more hours of exposure, we weaken hair follicles and keratin production., a protein that gives structure, shine and softness to the hair. This is why it is common to to arrive in the fall with bleached, dull, dry, brittle hair with split ends. O scalp remains sensitive, for having suffered burnsresulting in dryness and scaling.

All this can be avoided with some care, as we explain in this post. Today, we want to focus on sunscreen for hair and explain our formula, which contains a special ingredient - a natural and biodegradable silicone, a safer alternative to synthetic silicones, not only for our health but also for the planet.

Synthetic vs natural silicone

Silicones are widely used in mainstream cosmetics, whether in skin or hair care, and have gained a controversial reputation in recent times. When used in hair products, purpose is to create a protective layer around the hair strands., retaining moisture and making the hair less susceptible to humidity. It gives a full and silky appearance to the hair. The downside of this type of silicones is that many are not water-soluble, accumulating in the hair and scalp, making it drier, duller and weaker in the long run. E it can even prevent nourishing products from penetrating the scalp and having no effect.. In addition, it is not biodegradable, making the formulas polluting.

Now natural silicone is a biodegradable and safe alternative. What we use in the formula of hair sunscreen é of plant origin and GMO-free. It gives shine and softness to the hair, as well as stimulating the action of UV filters.

Sun protection routine for hairin 3 simple steps

  1. Whenever you go to the beach, pool or do outdoor activities in the sun, apply the sunscreen to your hair - just spray it all over. You can reapply to damp hair during the day to boost protection and hydration.
    Tip: whenever you apply sunscreen to your skin, apply it to your hair too! If you feel your skin needs it, it's because your hair needs it too!
  2. Once or twice a week, take care of your scalp, preventing flaking and irritation, with a massage using the Super Hair Serum. Leave on overnight and shampoo out the next day.
  3. Invest even more in hydration during the sunny months to compensate for hair dehydration. Do the Super Hair Maskonce or twice a week. All you have to do is apply it all over your hair and leave it on - 20 minutes or overnight. Then just remove with shampoo and moisturize with conditioner. Easy-peasy!

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