Best Of - My picks for Body Care

1. I always look for natural and organic ingredients in beauty products and food, not forgetting the clothes I wear. A Latitid (Portuguese brand!) has lots of super comfortable models, made of organic cotton.

2. I couldn't live without my water filter in the shower. I use one from Klean, to remove chlorine and other chemicals. Since I've been using it, my skin and hair are much less dry and shinier.

3. It's nice to see things change and to know that you can go and have a massage or take care of your hands, with the assurance that no chemicals will be used. O Sisu Beauty Studio looks like a dream.

4. If I lived in Lisbon, I wouldn't miss the cycling classes at Studio Rise. They manage to make exercise not seem boring. Our body (skin and mood included) always thanks good sweat!

5. Addicted to this Gua Sha massage routine - nothing better to stimulate skin elasticity and the lymphatic system. If you still have doubts about how to use Firming Kit, I am sure that this video will solve them.

6. Applying a good moisturizer to my body skin is one of those things I never forget - it's like brushing my teeth. O Moisturizes was the balm I created thinking about the cold winter days that leave our skin drier and crying out for a hydration boost.