Fabiana Magagna

I met Bibi on Instagram and I really enjoy following her advice for tidying up and taking care of the house!
So I brought her here to let us know a little more about you, inside and out.


Sign: Aries/ Aries
Season: Fall
A color: Green (all shades)
A book: Women Who Run with Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés A movie: Life Itself, Dan Fogelman
A song: Taste, Ryhe
A podcast: I'm not from the podcast
An object: notebook and pen
Favorite place in the World: my home


Who and what inspires you? Travel
What do you have yet to create? At this point, a homespray line.
How to keep the creativity going: Always be discovering, studying, and exchanging new experiences


First thing to do when you wake up: Open all the windows and take my morning shot
How to relax at the end of the day: By watching a series or movie
A place to unplug: Beach
Favorite physical exercise: Running and functional
How you discharge stress: by listening to music and cleaning the house
A woman who inspires you: All who just like me are not afraid to change, innovate and battle for what they want.


Your ideal diet is...: Vegetables
What you always have in the refrigerator: Water
Dinner-saving recipe: Salad
Favorite drink: Tomato juice,red wine and passion fruit juice Favorite snack: Tomato and Cucumber with salt and lemon
Favorite Restaurant: Sass Café in Monaco
Favorite cookbooks: All from Rita Lobo (I learned to cook with them)


Beauty icon: Audrey Hepburn
An essential piece of clothing: white t-shirt and jeans
What's not missing in your beauty routine: washing your face and applying cream
Favorite MPL'beauty product: Revitalizes Serum (wonderful), SEA passion fruit body oil
How do you feel more beautiful? With a beautiful smile on my face and full of health