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Óleo vs. Bálsamo: Qual devo usar no meu corpo?

Oil vs. Balm: Which one should I use on my body?

When hydrating the body, we must take into account not only our skin type and the nutrients we want to give it, but also the time of day we do it and our preferences in terms of texture and aroma. If you're not sure which type of moisturizer is right for you - oil or balm - this post will help you choose.

The advantages of body oil

Oils of vegetable origin have the ability to mimic the natural fats present in the skin. For this reason, they are quickly absorbed and very suitable for when the skin needs to replenish its hydration levels immediately, after exfoliation, for example.

Furthermore, as they are easily recognized by our skin, they improve its barrier function, having an instant repair effect. They are great for regulating sebum production, which can be beneficial for skin problems or cases of excessive oiliness.

The advantages of body balm

A balm is a solid moisturizer, made up of butters and oils, and is therefore much denser and greasier than an oil. They melt when in contact with the heat of the skin and are great for very dry skin or skin that is too exposed to cold and wind.

If you think about it, we usually use this type of thicker moisturizer for areas that are generally very dry, such as lips, elbows, feet and hands. If you like to always have something on hand to use on different parts of the body, during the day, you really need to try Jasmine and Kakadu, suitable for any skin type and for face, body, hands and lips.

Balms also have the advantage of leaving a wonderful, long-lasting glow on the skin. And if you've ever usedBálsamo Puro Sol or Tropicalia on summer days, you know what we're talking about.

These richer moisturizers, when placed on the skin, form a type of barrier that retains hydration. In the case of the Hidrata balm, this is even more evident, as one of its main ingredients is cupuaçu butter, capable of retaining up to 4 times its weight in water - everything our skin needs. If you have very dry, cracked or uneven skin, then this is really the best choice for you - it will leave your skin smooth and luminous, completely changing its appearance and texture.

How to choose?

You should choose the moisturizer according to your skin type and when you hydrate your body. And oil and balm can even complement each other throughout the day. For example, after a shower, with your skin still damp, an oil will be more beneficial. It will mix with water and be quickly absorbed, causing the skin to retain hydration. It ends up being more practical to get dressed afterwards. If you have normal or young skin, Mar oil is practical for daily use. It is super rich in minerals and will work on the skin's elasticity and leave it smooth.

If you have very dry, dehydrated or uneven skin, then a balm is the perfect choice. To repair severely damaged skin, we really recommend Hidrata . Now with the colder days approaching, having the Jasmine and Kakadu moisturizer on hand during the day is very smart, as it gives you very deep hydration and protects the skin from external aggressors. Great for keeping your hands soft during the day, with the advantage of being able to use it on your body too.

If you like to moisturize your skin before going to bed, a balm is perfect because it absorbs slowly and can work while you sleep. And you also don't have to worry about the feeling of your body sticking to your clothes. Prolonged hydration will make you wake up with a wonderful feeling on your skin.

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