All about Matcha (for a year full of focus)

It has an amazing flavor, a beautiful color, and is one of the most powerful antioxidants to the face of the earth. It's called Matcha, and is a type of Japanese tea - green and powder - that began to become known thanks to the traditional tea ceremony of the Rising Sun (where it is mixed in the glass with some bamboo rods), before jumping to the mouths of world, as a surplus widely used in beaten, recipes, and of course, delicious Matcha Latte.

But it's much more than that. Because it's a concentrate of nutrients (and it has an amazing flavor, we've said!) Matcha is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, to nourish yourself inside and outside. See how.

 All about Matcha

A super antioxidant

Those who like tea know that this drink is wonderful to calm the spirit, leaving us in a warning, but without anxiety, while bringing comfort, facilitates digestion and helps eliminate toxins.

Like black tea, oolong tea, white tea, and other green teas, the Matcha It comes from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, which grow in Asia. The difference is in processing: while leaves of other types of tea are oxidized, in the matcha leaves are slightly steamed before they are dried, keeping natural antioxidants in an even purer state.

And why are antioxidants so important? Because they are the form of nature to help us lock cell oxidation, which causes premature aging and various diseases. Because it is especially rich in a type of antioxidants called flavonoids, in particular the EGCG catechins Matcha has 100 times more EGCG that “normal” green teas), Matcha has huge health benefits and It helps to burn calories by boosting metabolism, promotes concentration and focus, and improves cognitive performance and even humor.

A smooth boost

All of the cameelia teas contain some caffeine, but it is another nutrient, the L-Teanina, which makes all the difference. This amino acid induces a sense of calm that is the perfect complement to caffeine energy. That's why Tea offers this subtle balance between tranquility and alertness. And the Matcha more!

 If you haven't thought about it yet, notice how Matcha is a wonderful replacement for coffee. In Matcha, caffeine is more slowly metabolized, with a lower impact on the central nervous system, eliminating coffee and downs of the coffee. And without staining your teeth!

 Matcha leaves grow in shaded areas (which explains the freshness of their green tone, live the chlorophyll!) And are naturally rich in L-Teanine. Matcha is a powder obtained exclusively from these more precious, and unused leaves, and That is why we find in it all the benefits of tea, but in a very powerful concentration. That boost of morning energy, associated with deep focus and serenity? Yes, it's Matcha.


Now that you know more about this fabulous ingredient, you will surely want to know how you can integrate it into your life! Besides being able to use our powder Matcha Pure in numerous recipes (beaten, crackers, cakes and even cold), discovering all its versatility and taste, can prepare your matcha latte with the Soluble Mixture Focuswhere it finds all the benefits of Matcha, associated with adaptogens such as Hericium and Ashawagandha, to achieve a clearer, wake and agile mind. Another option is the protein mixture creativity, a totally vegetable protein with Matcha and other plants and adaptogens, to stimulate body-brain connection, awaken mental clarity and creative energy. If you can't resist a good chocolate, prove our Botanical Chocolate Formulated with imperial degree, decorated with flower petals and dehydrated fruit, which will elevate your spirit smoothly. And if the idea is to feel the stimulating energy of Matcha on the skin, try our body exfoliator Stimulate, based on matcha and essential oils, for an unforgettable detox!