The best routine for acne skin

We receive many questions about how to care for acne-prone skin, from how to help children with acne in adolescence, who have never had skin problems and suddenly in premenopause begins to have more incidences. And the most common cases how to treat acne that arises due to stress and poor diet.

The truth is that acne can “attack” anyone, at any age, and cause quite a lot of discomfort.

If you are looking for a truly effective care that helps treat and prevent acne naturally, here you can find all the tips you need to create a routine that will control oiliness, calm inflammation, balance and moisturize your skin, leaving it cleaner, healthier and free of impurities and imperfections.




We never tire of mentioning: regardless of your skin type, it is important that you always clean your skin, morning and evening. For this important step in your routine, nothing like using the Cleaning Kit, composed of Oil cleansing masks for the skinsensitiveand the Face Towel 100% Organic Cotton. This is the most natural way to cleanse the face and deeply moisturize the skin, even the most sensitive and reactive.


After cleansing the skin, we recommend steaming our Cucumber essence 3 to 4 times directly on the face. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a strong ally in the fight against acne, helping to close pores, control oil and soothe inflamed and irritated skin.


Now that the skin is well cleansed, toned and balanced, it's time to moisturize with the Repair. A light and delicate facial oil, this serum specially formulated for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin cleanses and deeply moisturizes, fights imperfections and helps balance pH, while soothing and fighting acne naturally.

Gently place 2 to 4 drops on clean skin and spread, gently, always in ascending movements.

Apply sunscreen

Like cleansing, this gesture is transversal to any type of skin. For maximum UVA/UVB protection, we always recommend our Puro Sol Zinc Sun Milk SPF30+, a non-comodogenic SPF30+ sunscreen, alcohol-free and silicone-free, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In addition to protecting against sun rays and blue light, it deeply moisturizes and soothes.

Evening routine


After a day of stress, multiple chores and exposure to toxins and pollutants, it is important to cleanse the skin well with the Cleaning Kit, removing all impurities. Gentle, but very effective, cleansing with the Cleansing Oil for sensitive skin and the Facial towel helps in reducing excess oiliness, as it removes dead cells that accumulate in the surface layer of the skin. In addition, cell renewal is constantly stimulated, resulting in cleaner, healthier and more even skin.


To finish your evening routine, apply 1 to 2 pipettes filled with the Cosmic Night under the skin clean, and massage gently. This anti-acne serum does real magic while you sleep: removes impurities and cleanses pores in depth, detoxifies and purifies the skin, re moves excess oil. In addition, it fights acne and soothes inflammation in a natural way, for cleaner, balanced and healthier skin.

Complementary routine

 Support from the inside out

It is no coincidence that our “motto” is beauty from the inside out: at MPL'beauty we believe that every habit is reflected in our skin, which is why we like to give you extra care with our Super Skin Capsules. A powerful antioxidant formula based on medicinal plants that work together to slow skin aging, stimulate collagen production and fight acne, rosacea and redness. For a more elastic, luminous and even skin, take 2 capsules in the morning, with or without food.

To SKIN DROPS they are a great ally, help to treat from the inside out, helped to aclam inflammation and enhancing balance and treatment. The ideal is to place 4 pipettes in a glass of water and drink daily.


Correcting localized imperfections

For those persistent pimples, nothing like going " to the root of the problem” and applying our Anti-Acne Face Mask. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this mask acts as a localized treatment, which helps to decrease redness and inflammation, revealing cleaner, healthier and smoother skin. Just mix all the ingredients (2 tablespoons of the Anti-Acne powder, 2 pipettes of the Hemp Oil and 4 tablespoons of the Witch Hazel essence) and leave it on for 10 minutes, then remove with warm water.

Encourage healing of inflamed areas

A concentrated serum with a drying action, to reduce the swelling and redness of pimples, our Correct it is perfect to use in SOS and encourage the healing of inflamed areas. Apply directly to the pimples, whenever you need or before going to bed, passing the roll-on over the inflamed area — its practical format is also ideal to always have in your wallet, and apply several times a day, if necessary.

We made this live to explain everything.

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