Madalena Pereira

Madalena is a true creative! 😍

I have been following your work for a long time, but I am always surprised by your releases and shares. It has an unquestionable good taste and it is nice to see how it transforms nature.

Created the FLO in 2020 with Duarte and the two embarked on this beautiful journey through flowers. In addition to arrangements and beautiful work, they also have a concern with which I identify and a lot (as you already know!)- only use organic and sustainable products!

I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better!

Season of the year: Spring
Color: Green
Book: The God of Small Things
Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness
Music: The Girl Dances-Novos Baianos
A podcast: Extremely unpleasant - Joana Marques (I always let out a laugh)
An object: Pruning shears
Favorite place in the world: Saint Peter of Moel

Who and what inspires you?: Everything and everyone around me. I think it is in the experiences of life that we can find the greatest source of spontaneous inspiration.

What do you still have to create?: A house of mine (ours)

How to maintain creativity: Turning it off when you have to. Only in this way can I gain energy for new ideas, going through a phase of creative hibernation.

First thing to do when you wake up: The 10 min in the morning shower for me is sacred and where I slowly wake up.
How to relax at the end of the day: Walk through the countryside.
A place to hang up: On the beach.
Preferred physical exercise: Bicycle.
How you relieve stress: Diving in the sea in winter
A woman who inspires you: The women in my family and my friends. They're all very different and I feel like I'm always learning from each of them.

Your ideal diet is... with quality products.
What you always have in the fridge: Parmesan (I'm a big fan of cheese).
Dinner-saving recipe: Lasagna or curry (with whatever's in the fridge).
Preferred drink: Margarita.
Favorite Snack: Rosemary Crackers from Quinta do Arneiro.
Favorite restaurant: Lord grape, Arkhe, water by The Beard and my parents ' house.
Favorite cookbooks: 26 grains, Jamie Oliver Veg - But I'm more about flower books than food.

Beauty icon: My sister.
An essential piece of clothing: Allstar White.
What's missing from your beauty routine: Everything is missing... I am very (exaggeratedly) minimalist.
Preferred MPL'beauty product: Puro Sol
How do you feel more beautiful?: After having a productive day. I feel beautiful and powerful.