Scalp Stimulator

Jade Comb


A beauty tool that isstimulates hair growth, strengthens fibers, combats hair loss, and relieves accumulated tension.

This comb is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate acupressure points on the scalp. Massage with the comb stimulates blood circulation, essential for a healthy scalp and hair.

Handmade, this comb is composed of Jade Xiu Yan, a stone associated with regeneration, hormonal harmony and nature.

Stimulates blood circulation and hair growth
Strengthens hair fibers
Helps calm inflammation
Relieves muscle tension
Enhances hair shine and volume

There are various massage techniques, based on circular movements, long and continuous movements or tapping.

Circular Movements:

Place the comb on the root of the scalp, making some pressure. Do circular movements 5 to 10 times to one side and then reverse direction.

Repeat the same process in other areas of the scalp: on the sides of the head, near the ears, on the nape, and even on the neck if desired.

Long and continuous movements:

Apply some pressure at the beginning of the hair line and slide the comb to the nape of the neck, between 5 and 10 times.

Apply a few drops of serum to the neck and make the same movement, starting at the base of the neck and sliding down to the nape of the neck.


Make several touches with the comb, to stimulate the circulation of energy. Simply "hit" lightly with the comb, along the root of the hair.
You can use the comb on the dry scalp or with a few drops of the Super Hair Serum. Do this massage with the Jade Combate 2-3 times a week.

100% Jade Xiu Yan

This crystal is very well respected in the Traditional Medicine and its healing energy is associated with longevity, beauty and health. It is believed that it helps in the cleaning and unlocking of energies.

Clean and handle the comb with care as it is made of a natural crystal and can depart. We recommend to protect the lavatory with a towel, should you do the massage in the bath house, to prevent it from falling and parting.

Do not use the pent in evidently inflamed scalp, in manifestations of psoriasis or active eczema.

People with vertigo, high blood stress, migraines or a history of heart attack should seek counseling before carrying out this treatment.

We work to create effective products, totally free of chemicals and for this the quality of the ingredients is fundamental.

• We do not test products on animals;
* Ingredients of vegetable origin;
• 100% natural ingredients;
* Paraben-free;
* No petrochemicals;
* No silicones or synthetic fragrances;
• All ingredients are organic.

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