What is our lip kit

There are three products, all designed to protect and enhance the beauty and health of the lips and, we promise, will leave it with a torn smile.

We add them in our Lip Care Kit That has everything you need to get nourished, hydrated and naturally soft lips, as always with products formulated from 100% natural and biological ingredients.

The lips are such an important part of the beauty and harmony of the face, but we often forget how they make the difference and dispatch the subject with a lip moisturizer and is already. But there is much more to take care of the lips and we can do it every day with a self-care routine with three essential products. We tell you how.

All about Lip Kit


Wonder Trio

With the best natural ingredients, authentic concentrated beauty, we created this trio of essentials as delicious and effective, composed of Acai & Strawberry Lip Splay, to remove dead cells and dry skin smoothly, but effective, making the lips much more soft, a Intensive mask of shea and avocado, enriched with pink oil, pomegranate, ripping and avocado, to moisturize and nourish in depth, and a Repairing balm, with an incredible mixture of oils and butters taken from the plants, to moisturize and repair the lips, enhancing all its softness and natural brightness.

When used together, These three products provide more hydration and smoothness, making the lips naturally more filled and bright - this is because the exfoliation allows to remove dead cells and dry skin, while stimulating circulation, while the maskand the balm guarantee a deep nutrition.

How to use?

The secret? Use these three natural products togetherfor a transforming effect. This is because following this sequence - exfoliation, hydration and nutrition - will notice the results immediately, with softer and more hydrated lips but also more filled and bright.

These are the three steps for some dream lips:

Step 1: Start by applying the Lip scrub On previously moistened lips, massaging gently with circular motions. Exfoliation will remove dead cells and regenerate the driest zones, promoting circulation. In the end, just remove the product with warm water. You can repeat this step 3 to 4 times a week, and do not forget, exfoliary must hydrate. Which leads us to step 2.

Step 2: After gently exfoliating the lips apply Intensive mask generously and let it act between 15 to 30 minutes (or more time if desired). Remove the mask with the help of a towel, and repeat this step 4 to 5 times a week, ideally at night.

Step3: To finish apply the Repairing balm. This yes is a leave-in to repair and moisturize the lips full of natural nutritious oils with a light and pleasant texture. Take it with you in your wallet and repeat whenever you need to keep your lips hydrated, beautiful and soft throughout the day.