What I won't lose this Summer Market Sylist

The Summer Market Sylist Maria Guedes It's already this weekend (May 27th and 28th) at Fiatril and I have to admit that I am very curious with several brands that will be present!

Personally I love to be part of this event (which is the only time when the Mpl'beauty “Show the face”) in particular so that you can know you. 

For us it is a unique opportunity to be able to show our products live, to be able to explain and demonstrate how they work and how they apply. But I am also always waiting for I can see the new brands I love, and discover new brands.

I leave here what I want to see and take with me home this summer.

1. Trieme 

I will not lose! I'm going to the bags, vests and pajamas. All beautiful and with wonderful standards!

2. Valiaveras

For the esoteric dress, perfect to mark the difference this summer. 

3. Friuli

I want to see all the colors available in my size!

4. Maria Guedes Lisboa 

I'm super curious to find out the new collection. 

5. Anna Westerlund Together

I'm having summer earrings and, if you're lucky, wires too.


6. This must be the place 

Catarina had time to do some work for her brand since I consumed her since she is working with the MPLbeauty In our packaging? ... What is right will always be a mandatory stop!

7. Sienna 

For all the edits I have seen on Instagram, I'm sure the pieces will fly! 

8. Fighter

Obviously ... it's already part of the rituals of all markets to miss you and eat many brigadeiros.

9. Juliana Bezerra

It already seems that I collect Juliana's pieces, but I don't resist the earrings and rings. This market will not be exception! 


We will also have many surprises !! Releases we were waiting for warmer days to unravel. Very refreshing drinks!

See here Some of the news:

  • O STICK SPF50 sunscreen protector.

  • SPF50 sunscreen can for the body.

  • Stick after Sun, a must this summer! Special to recover from scalds. This perfect stick to calm and moisturize zones that are most sensitive from the sun (and not only). With cucumber oil and cocoa butter. A delicious smell and the skin was so soft!

  • Sunscreen hair A protective oil with bamboo -based vegetable silicone that protects hair from sun damage, helps moisturize and shine the hair.

And of course ... PFF Pass on MPL Beauty, we are in the same place as always. Right at the entrance, on the right side at stand n9.

Let's have a new look in partnership with June Studios, (I hope you enjoy as much as I !!).

And a lot of new things to try… surprise even there!

*As we could not take everything I advise you to do your pre-registration through contact +351 925 530 592 or send WhatsApp to make sure what they want will be reserved there!