All about the new deodorants

MPL'beauty deodorants are part of the bestsellers and finally you can now try the Pink and the Tangerine in stick format! If the cream shape of deodorants doesn't appeal to you very much and if it was holding you back from making the transition to a 100% natural care, free of aluminum, chemicals and synthetic fragrancesyou really have no excuse now.

These deodorants allow for natural perspiration, no blocking pores, just neutralizing odors thanks to natural ingredients such as baking soda and clay. Both of them moisturize the skin, due to the oils and butters in its composition, and each essential oil chosen to perfume the skin, it also brings specific properties to each formula.

O Pink it has a delicate aroma, thanks to Rose Oil, which also gives it antibacterial properties, in addition to being excellent at soothing irritated skin and promoting healing. O baking soda, for being a alkaline substance, helps to remove excessive sweat and keep armpits dry, for greater comfort during the day.

O Tangerine it features absorbent properties of clay to ensure its effectiveness, keeping the armpits dry and neutralizing odors. Tangerine essential oil, in addition to the wonderful scent, has also antibacterial and antiseptic properties and balances skin oil production.

Frequently asked questions & answers

How much should I use?
Two to three passes with the stick in the armpits are enough. The fact that the formulas are delicate or all - natural does not interfere with their effectiveness-you do not have to spend more deodorant for it.

Deodorant is too hard / soft. Is it broken?
No! Because it has no preservatives and is based on natural oils and butters, deodorant is sensitive to temperature. In the colder months, when the deodorant is harder, try heating the stick slightly between your hands and you will see that it ends up melting when in contact with the hot skin of the armpits. In summer, if it is in a very hot Place, store it in the refrigerator to prevent it from melting.

I have itching and my armpits are red and swollen. Is that normal?
No! This is a sign of an allergic reaction and you should stop using deodorant immediately. Baking soda reacts with the pH of the skin and some people may have allergic reactions. If this is your case, try our bicarbonate-free options, in cream format, suitable for more sensitive skin: sensitive and soothes.