All about the new Jade Comb

One of the new tools hair care tools, ideal for stimulating growth, strengthen the hair and stimulate collagen production.

Why is it so effective? Because it literally works at the root of healthy hair - the scalp, which we so often neglect, worrying only about caring for the strands.

If you've been keeping an eye on Instagram MPL'beautyyou may have seen the masterclass in which Mafalda explains how to use Jade Comb and Dermaroller. If you haven't seen it yet you can see it here (or if you have and you're still curious), stick around, because we're going to explain everything about the new Jade Comb.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Origin & Benefits

Massage the scalp with a crystal comb natural is a very ancient therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Basically, it is a Gua Sha massage scalp massage. By applying pressure with the comb on the scalp, you stimulate acupressure points, stimulating blood circulationnecessary for growth healthy hair growth and stagnation of hair loss. It strengthens the hair and cleans and cares for the scalp in case of inflammation or dandruff.

There are several points that a specialist will know how to stimulate to alleviate even other non-hair related problems, but for home use of your combfocus above all on these points:

Wangu: at the back of the head, just below the curve of our skull and still above the nape of the neck, is the ideal point to relieve stress and anxiety, thus preventing hair loss, which often results from emotional imbalances or trauma. You can exert continuous pressure with the comb or make circular movements, in both directions.

Taiyang: The points located on our temples. It is a great point for stimulating hair growth and also perfect for relieving headaches and migraines. Ensure that you "park" the comb in these areas, applying pressure and then moving in circles.

Baihui: swipe the comb on the top of the head, is essential to activate blood circulation throughout the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

Fengchi: located in the neck area, are two parallel points just below the hairline and the ears (if you touch them with your fingers, you feel two "dimples"). That is exactly where you should massage to stimulate the blood flow in the nape of your neck and head area.

Each of these points is connected to energy channels, or qi as they are called in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that extend throughout the body and contact various organs. This means that by stimulating these points, you are promoting the balance of the body as well, calming the mind, and stimulating the movements necessary for the proper functioning of our systems.

But back to hair... The benefits are many!

It stimulates growth and reduces hair loss: Blood circulation is essential to the transport of nutrients that build healthy, strong and shiny hair. When stimulated through massage with the combit gives strength and vitality to the hair follicles, boosting not only the growth but also the thickness of the hair fibers.

Releases impurities from the pores: our scalp accumulates dirt and we can't always get rid of it all when washing our hair, and can be left with residue blocking the hair follicles and preventing growth. A massage lets the follicles breathe and release impurities, which not only stimulates growth but also prevents and improves irritated scalp or dandruff.

Improves hair texture: the cosmetic industry has been creating shampoos and other products with silicones in an attempt to fill out the hair - but we know that the negative impacts of these compounds on our health do not outweigh the benefits. If you want natural and very functional alternatives for your hair, you can check out the shampoos herei. This massage is a safe way to fill in the hair, improving its texture and volume, since it nourishes the hair fibers and boosts their growth.

It enhances the absorption of hair products: By stimulating blood circulation and clearing the follicles, the botanical actives of your products are better able to penetrate the bloodstream and really demonstrate their potential. You can and should put a few drops of Super Hair Serum Serum on the hair when you do the massage.

Relieves tension and stress: a massage is deeply relaxing and ultimately calms the nervous system. We know that high levels of stress and anxiety can lead to hair lossand this is a great ritual to prevent that.