All about Detox Kit

If the word "detox" is on your mind now that the holidays are over, know that you don't have to do anything drastic (or dangerous). Quite the contrary! You can take advantage of this time when your body feels more tired due to overeating and the beginning of a new year to make positive changes that you have been postponing.

The Detox Kit is a 10-day experience, designed so that you can try new habits and MPL'beauty products, realizing how they make you feel and what changes you want to implement in the long term in your routine!

What will you feel
More energy: all recipes in the manual are highly nutritious, without inflammatory ingredients (gluten or dairy) and completely plant-based. This obviously translates into more vital energy - the body recognizes real food!

Some of the breakfasts feature the addition of Super Feminine, a protein powder blend rich in fiber, greens and adaptogenic plants that regulate stress levels, improving mood and focus - the best way to start the day!

Better digestion: the recipes in the manual, together with the Detox Drops and the Blend Detox, facilitate digestion and promote regular intestinal transit.

Chlorophyll is the active ingredient of Detox Drops and it is a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, as well as a rich source of magnesium. A Blend Detox it contains medicinal plants rich in chlorophyll, such as spirulina, wheatgrass and milk thistle, being effective in improving the functioning of the liver, one of our cleansing organs.

Less cravings: by removing processed products from your diet and feeling the positive results, we guarantee that you will also feel less cravings for sweet or salty foods.

This does not mean that it does not deserve a treat and, therefore, the Detox Kit it also includes the Chocolate Detox, exclusive to this kit. They contain a high cocoa content, a low glycemic index and the nutritious fats and vitamins of cocoa butter.

Cleaner skin: being the skin one of the main cleansing channels of the body, it is expected that it will feel cleaner during a detox process and noticeably less inflamed, just with the change of eating habits. In addition, with the daily intake of Beauty drops, will give a boost of hydration and minerals to your body, essential for the release of toxins and a more luminous skin.

Improved mood, energy and focus: by stabilizing your blood sugar levels, your mood will automatically be more stable as well, without spikes and dips in energy. You will feel more focused and less tired.

Weight loss: it shouldn't be the main reason to do something healthy for your body, but it can be a side effect of the good ones. By eliminating toxins from the body and improving its digestion, our fat cells, where we store fat, decrease.

Doubts? Here's what they say about the Detox Kit!
The best way to know if this is the right experience for you is by knowing the opinion of other women who have already experienced the Detox Kit!