All about our Solar Range

It's time to start preparing your summer essentials and of course sunscreen products for face e body are one must-have! The mpl'beauty sunscreens are 100% natural, no chemical filters for blocking solar radiation, no synthetic fragrances or ingredients that harm the oceans.

O active ingredient is zinc oxidecapable of reflect solar radiation and block its harmful effect on the skinwhile at the same time having a soothing and regenerating action. The formulas are complemented with other natural ingredients - always organic, of course - such as cocoa butter, cupuaçu, cucumber oil, blue tansy and many others, to potentiate the hydration, protection and regeneration of the skin.

The sunscreens are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and we also have a special range for children, so there are options for all ages.


The sunscreens for adults

Our sun range is more complete and beautiful than ever. O first face sunscreen was Puro Sol Zinca sun milk with the botanical active ingredients of the Puro SolIt is reinforced with zinc oxide for maximum protection. Now there are two more, in stick format SPF30+ or SPF50, the latter the most recent novelty. Super convenient to use and carry, they can be used either daily after your usual skin routine or on days of long sun exposure. Enriched with butters, calendula extracts and vitamin Ethey keep the skin moisturized and support tissue repair. They are lightweight, leave no white marks, and are water resistant!

For the body, the right choice is Mineral Sunscreen Can SPF35+with moisturizing butters and zinc oxide as a sunscreen, adding anti-inflammatory properties. It is the perfect formula, because it protects the skin in a natural way, keeping it hydrated and smooth all day long, without white spots.



Sunscreens for children

We know that children's skin is more sensitive and delicate and that we must be very careful during sun exposure. Besides not exposing them to the sun during the hottest hours, protecting them with hats and T-shirts, we should apply a sun protection product to them. natural sunscreen, capable of protecting, moisturizing and soothing the skin.

And if they are easy to apply, even better! So you can choose between the can or the format stickboth with advanced UVA/UVB protection (SPF30+). Also do not leave white marks on the skin, are resistant to water and sweat, and have natural fragrances of tangerine and chamomile, for a soothing and restorative action.



After Sun

O After Sun stick stick format is perfect to help the skin recover from longer exposures to the sun, by relieving burns, redness and inflammation.

It is formulated with Cucumber Oilwhich softens, moisturizes, and protects the skin; Blue Tansywith antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated and delicate skin; and Cocoa Butterhighly moisturizing and refreshing, to regenerate the skin and soothe the burning sensation caused by sunburn.

Its stick format makes it super practical and portable for your summer vacation, and its soothing and moisturizing formulamakes it the perfect care for applying to both face and body skinafter sun exposure.

Now you are ready to sunbathe!