The advantages of the shower and how to get the best party out of your bath!

So, bath or shower? While a good immersion bath can be truly delicious, relaxing, and restorative, the truth is that experts advocate, as a general shower, that a good shower is more recommended. Of course, every way to take care of our body, washing it, has its advantages and inconvenience, but which one will be better? That's what we will try to find out in this post.

The advantages of the shower and how to get the best party out of your bath! 

Immersion bath, then?

We all know the incredible pleasure that an immersion bath can provide: water at the right temperature, the aroma of our favorite bath products, perhaps even some candles around to create a relaxing environment. But the truth is that this self -care idyll has some risks. For example, have you ever thought about the amount of bacteria and fungi that can accumulate on the (seemingly clean) surface of a bathtub? It is to prevent them from contacting our skin that it is recommended to wash the bath well before each immersion bath. What, let's face it, is very beautiful, but it is not the most practical thing when we have little time.

Another "theme" is the amount of water we spend. Unless you take endless showers, it is very likely that an immersion bath consumes much more water than a normal shower, and this is not much Eco-Conscious. Although, under the right conditions, a good immersion bath is wonderful for the skin, the truth is that it consumes another precious good we have: time. The time it makes the bathtub fill, and the time we take in the bath. Anyway, it may be good, but it is not for every day.

Advantages of a good shower

There is no doubt: unless your bathtub is impeccably clean before each bath, the shower is the most hygienic option. Think about it, the only part of your body that is in contact with the surface is the plant plant, so there is less probabilities that your skin comes into contact with bacteria and fungi.

Duches also consume less water, and are generally better for skin health, because contrary to what looks like a prolonged immersion bath, where we dive a lot of time in hot water, can dry the skin. Soaking a long time, the experts say, it can damage the skin barrier, so there is extra attention to immersion baths, if they have skin problems.

And finally, the time factor, and the practical side. Nothing beats a good shower in speed and efficiency, especially the days when every second is precious.


How to make your shower unforgettable

Now that you know the differences, you may be thinking: yes, but I still love a good immersion bath. And nothing against. Each one chooses what best adapt to their nature and lifestyle. And there is nothing bad to adopt the shower in everyday life (how many of us only wake up truly after the shower?) And keep the immersion bath for special occasions.

In any case, a shower is always good, healthy, comfortable and even environmentally friendly, but there are ways to make it even better. For example with our Orange and Ginger Duche Gel, an ultra-refreshing formula, with biological ingredients, to purify, moisturize and balance the skin, leaving it very clean and smooth, and revitalized. Or, discovering a novelty that has already become a classic: our exfoliating foams, in three unmissable versions (power up, Relax It is Cotton Candy) For a delicious experience, capable of bringing any shower to another level. A two-one, irresistible that combines the best of two worlds: the foam to clean and scent your skin, and the exfoliator that acts as a regenerating detox, eliminating dead cells, uniforming the skin, attenuating marks and scars , and allowing deep hydration. As this product passes in the body, the exfoliator melts and turns into a bath foam that will not forget. A tip: Focus on body zones where it can have stretch marks and cellulite to reduce its appearance.