"Chinese mustache": how to prevent and reverse

You may not talk about this kind of wrinkles as the famous "chicken feet", but the truth is that the Chinese mustache, the sometimes deep creases, ranging from the base of the nose coming down to the side of the mouth, are very common, giving a heavy expression to the face. This type of wrinkles is part of the group of so -called expression wrinkles (or dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated face movements) and usually appears from the age of 30, with the progressive loss of skin elasticity. There is no doubt that this "Chinese mustache" is nothing beautiful, but the truth is that there are natural methods to face you. In this post, we explain how.

Chinese mustache: how to prevent and treat

Causes of "Chinese mustache"

While we are young, we may not even notice these wrinkles of expression, but as the production of collagen and elastin decreases, with the advance of the years, the Chinese mustache becomes more pronounced, and the deeper creases. Technically these wrinkles are called “nasogenian groove” because they appear as a consequence of repeated movements of the muscles on the sides of the nose.

In addition to the loss of skin elasticity, there are other factors that explain the appearance of the Chinese mustache. The genetic factor is clearly a cause, as it predisposes to us for this or that kind of wrinkles, but also bad eating habits, tobacco smoke, pollution or sun exposure without protector.

How to prevent and treat

Although the Chinese mustache It often has a genetic cause or results from natural facial expressions, repeated over time, there are ways to prevent, and even to alleviate this type of wrinkles. And this completely naturally, collaborating with your body.

The first and most obvious is undoubtedly adopting a healthy skincare routine. And be consistent. Essential: always use sunscreen, to clean and nourish the skin with a good cream or be a.

But perhaps the most transformative answer is the mushrooms gua shame, who act there where wrinkles settle in, with incredible massage. This 100% natural beauty tool is a variant of Traditional Gua shame, With a smaller shape and adapted to sensitive zones such as the eyes, or in this case the area around the lips. Start by applying a few drops of our Radiant Serum, with Bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol.

Then massage the zones with the Cogumelo Water (If you put you first in the fridge you will feel an even more refreshing effect), in the version pink quartz or jade. The massage is gently pressing, with small movements, in the eye zone and around the lips.

Chinese mustache: how to prevent and treat

Natural botox

Another option is the Face Cupping, an alternative therapy that consists of sliding silicone glasses over the skin of the face, creating a slight suction to improve the contour of the face, "sculpting it" while activating circulation and stimulates collagen production, filling the wrinkles.

This technique with “Cups” is the so -called “natural botox”, without artificial agents, simply using the power of massage and working with the skin of the face. Our kit It contains two silicone cups of different sizes (one larger for massaging the cheekbones, cheeks, chin and forehead, and one smaller to use in the most delicate areas like the eye contour) SERUM SCULPT, developed specifically to do this massage. The process is always the same: spread a few drops of the serum through the skin and then start cupping, sliding the small suction cups through the face. Start in the center of the face and tighten the cup to create such suction on the skin. Then quickly slide to the sides and up, always from the center to the ends of the face.

In addition to being very pleasant, the gentle suction caused by these small suction cups (CUPs) helps to stimulate the production of collagen and skin elastin - filling, referring and helping in lymphatic drainage and exercising the facial muscles. No need to spend hours in this massage: 5 minutes with the cups circulating and sliding over your skin are enough.