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Do you feel tired even before getting out of bed? Do you need an alarm clock to wake up? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep anymore, even though you're exhausted, and lie tossing and turning in bed thinking about the few hours you slept and starting to feel even more stressed?

Well... I've been through it all :) And for that reason I tried to find a “cure”, because I didn't want to live in this state of despair and tiredness forever. And I can say that, with a little personal and dietary “work”, it is possible to change! It is possible to sleep all night (in a row), waking up feeling renewed and full of desire to be part of what the day has to offer.

Here are some tips on everything I did to get rid of this exhaustion:

  1. We have to start with the bedroom , as it is the place where the magic of sleep happens. Keep your bedroom a “clean” area of ​​electronic things. I imagine that if you read this blog you should have a more open awareness of everything that is natural and you should not have a TV in your bedroom, as it is one of the worst things you can do for both your sleep rhythm and your hormonal system. Try to think (or visualize) that all the magnetic waves that travel through the atmosphere affect your well-being and health and, since it is difficult to control this factor during the day, try to block these energies at night as much as possible! Television or scrolling on your phone before bed is extremely stimulating for both your energy and your retina, and can mean you can't fall asleep as quickly as you'd like. What I do is turn off the Wi-Fi before we go to bed. This way the house stays clean at night. No computers before going to sleep or in the bedroom.
    Try putting your phone in flight mode or off. No charging your cell phone near the bed and now remove everything that has lights and can flash while you are sleeping (clock, radio, etc.). Sleeping is an act of regeneration and recovery of the body. It is very important that you can really rest. And this process can involve having some good cotton sheets, comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics (everything that comes into contact with our skin affects it, as it is our largest organ. The body needs to breathe and there is nothing worse than synthetic fabrics, no matter how beautiful they are). If you can, always opt for organic cotton or linen.
  2. When you wake up , eat according to your body's rhythms. THIS MEANS that you should only eat when you are hungry and not out of obligation. It sounds ridiculous, but many of us are on autopilot and eat because we think we should. Start by drinking one or more glasses of water at room temperature with 4 pipettes filled with DETOX DROPS to deeply hydrate and fill the body with a dose of “greens” that help not only with metabolism but also calm inflammation and strengthen the system immune . Since you've been sleeping and your body is most likely dehydrated, sometimes hunger is simply a sign that you're thirsty. If you feel hungry after that, it's a good time to consume good fats and protein - as that's exactly what your body needs to “fuel” for the day. Smoothies are a genius way to achieve both. When I felt extremely tired, I took Super Feminina , which was specifically formulated to balance the hormonal system (you can find out if yours is balanced here ) and provide the body with everything it needs in one place - medicinal plants for stress and anxiety, 4 types of vegetable protein, natural collagen , soluble fiber, daily dose of greens, omega-3… and the list goes on!
  3. It may seem obvious to say that stress has a huge impact on our energy levels and the way we feel throughout the day, but this is actually a key factor in reducing fatigue. Of course, with the world we live in, it becomes very difficult (or even almost impossible) to control the levels of stress to which we are exposed. But what we can and should control is the way our body reacts to this stress! I formulated the SUPER WOMAN capsules with medicinal plants that will protect a woman's body but in the simplest way possible to add to your morning routine. First thing in the morning, with your breakfast or “that” glass of water, just take 2 capsules to energize and enhance longevity. They increase the body's ability to deal with stress and anxiety, while also having anti-aging effects. The perfect antidote for those who feel exhausted!
    If you want to know more in depth about how and why this natural supplement works so well, just see this post .
  4. Try stretching your body. Anyone who follows me knows that I really like Tara Stiles. Her videos are super effective. Try this type of restorative yoga. It helps to calm the mind and relieve the stress and tension accumulated in the body during the day. And it doesn't need to take a long time - it can be just 5 minutes and you'll see that you'll feel much better.
  5. Give yourself a self-massage . Who wouldn't like to receive a massage daily? (I do!). But since it's difficult to find time to travel and go to a massage center, you can do it yourself - you can see how to do this massage and also work your muscles and do lymphatic drainage here .

    You can also choose to spend a few minutes relaxing the day's facial tension and working on your skin's elasticity with a gua sha massage and your favorite serum . If you want to know more about the different types of massage for a natural face lift, you can read here .