Rita Rugeroni

Who is it Rita Rugeroni? Almost all we know about Rádio Comercial, with your Vozeirão and good mood. At this moment it is full-time entrepreneur of its gardener brand Favorite People (It is worth taking a look at the new collection that just came out!).
Your good taste, energy and smile are captivating.
I hope you enjoy knowing it so much more, as I liked.



Sign: Ram

Seasons: Summer

A Collor: White

A book: “An education”Tata West

Film: Schindler's list

A song: Amazing Day - COLDPLAY

A podcast: Unpleasant - Joana Marques

An object: A pen

Favorite place in the world: Txai



Who and what inspires you? My children

What do you still need to create? You know God where my imagination takes me!

How to maintain creativity: read and travel



First thing to do when you wake up: Sleep another 5 minutes

How to relax at the end of the day: meditation

A place to turn off: My sofa

Preferred physical exercise: none!!!

How to discharge the stress: read

A woman who inspires you: mine sister



Your ideal diet is… Eat little and everything.

What do you always have in the fridge: wine


Favorite drink: water

Preferred snack: cashew

Favorite Restaurant: Moa - Sushi

Favorite kitchen books: I don't follow a lot of recipes, I am more inventing.



Beauty icon: I have no particularly any particular pattern. My beauty icon depends on what each person or object arouses in me.

An essential piece of clothing: pajamas

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: lipstick

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Super Hair Capsules

How do you feel more beautiful? After the vacations!