Want to put an end to bad hair days?

We all know that feeling of "I don't know what to do with my hair anymore", right? Whether you are feeling your hair dry or brittle, going through a phase of increased hair loss, or looking for a natural way to keep your hair healthy, at MPL'beauty we have all the products you need to put an end to "bad hair days".

In this article we show you the MPL'beauty essentials to have super hair, outside and inside, with 100% natural and effective products!

Super Hair Mask

Máscara Super Cabelo

The latest addition to our Super Hair line, this intensive leave-in mask is formulated with powerful natural oils and butter to hydrate, strengthen and restore dry or brittle hair. As well as offering intensive nutrition and complete repair, leaving hair stronger and shinier, the Super Hair Intensive Mask has an indulgent texture and a delicious scent, making applying it a real moment of self-care!

The best thing about Super Hair Intensive Mask? The fact that it can be used in two different ways: you can apply it to dry hair once a week, or whenever you need extra care, leaving it on for 20 minutes or overnight, for a more intensive hydration. To remove the mask just "jump" into the shower and wash your hair normally.

Super Hair Shampoo

Shampoo Super Cabelo

A shampoo that revitalizes and moisturizes the hair while perfuming it with a gentle scent? Check it out! Formulated with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Nettle Essential Oil, the Super Hair Shampoo is the ideal care for deep cleansing hair and soothing the scalp, stimulating healthy, strong growth.

Suitable for all hair types, even the most fragile, this shampoo with 100% natural ingredients also helps reduce hair loss, regenerate hair and strengthen the hair fiber.

Super Hair Capsules

Cápsulas Super Cabelo

Just like skin, hair can (and should) be cared for from the inside out. How? With Super Hair Capsulesa bioavailable, bioactive formula with multivitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and adaptogens essential for healthy hair.

To get all the benefits of this food supplement - among them fighting stress and nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, supporting the growth of healthy and shiny hair, strengthening hair strands and reducing hair loss - just take 3 capsules daily, simultaneously, at the time you prefer.

Hair Drops

Gotas Cabelo

The drops you can take with your water: That's our Hair Formula, a blend of medicinal plants that stimulates hair growth from the inside out, strengthening each strand and protecting the root.

To achieve the desired strong, healthy, silky hair - with the plus of strengthening your nails and skin while doing it - simply mix 4 pipettes of Hair Drops in a glass of water, or put them directly in your mouth if you prefer. Drink once a day or more, daily, and watch the magic happen!

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