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Como contrariar a queda de cabelo e fortalecer os fios

How to stop hair loss and strengthen strands

Often forgotten, hair health is one of the main ways our body signals that something may be wrong with us. Before reading this article, take a second to think about your hair. Is it nourished or dull? How would you describe the condition of your scalp? Dry? Do you notice weakening of the strands? When answering these questions, remember that everything — from genetic and hormonal imbalances (hello postpartum!) to stress and nutritional deficiencies — can compromise your hair.

Falling has a huge impact on our self-esteem and Anything we can do to prevent this shakeout is welcome! You are not alone on this path and we have many solutions to help you regain the strength and vitality of your hair!


It is impossible to talk about hair thinning and hair loss without talking about postpartum. That's exactly why I created Super Hair - to recover and regain my stronger, more voluminous hair.

During pregnancy, the body experiences increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone, which causes hair to remain in a continuous growth phase. As hormones stabilize in the months following childbirth, changes in hair thickness may occur. If you are a first-time mother and are noticing dramatic hair loss, know that it is very common. But just because it's common doesn't mean there's no solution!

Even if you are not pregnant, there are other hormonal imbalances that are very common in women, mainly caused by thyroid problems or very high levels of stress.


It's not just the hormonal system that can cause massive hair loss, during certain times of the year we may notice an increase in hair loss, especially in the coming autumn months. This common phenomenon is known as seasonal loss and that is why it is so important to reinforce our system at the transition of the season , with vitamins and medicinal plants that act from the inside out. You can and should do this through a varied diet rich in good fats and lots of vegetables. But it is not always enough and that is why correct supplementation has so many benefits.


1. From the inside out

The most effective way to prevent and treat hair loss is to heal and balance your system from the inside out with vitamins and natural medicinal plants. This is why there is no point in treating the hair roots with ampoules or other products if the internal problem remains unresolved.

Add 2 dessert spoons of the Super Hair mixture to your breakfast - in addition to nourishing and balancing your body, it will give you more strength and resistance for your day.

TIP: If you don't have time for shakes or are very sensitive to new flavors, just take 3 Super Cabelo capsules a day.

2. From the outside in - Washing, styling and coloring

Washing, styling and even the way many of us color our hair (for years on end!) have a huge impact on the structure of our hair strands. Our scalp absorbs all the products that are placed on it and therefore a shampoo with poor composition or chemical dyes weakens our hair: making it thinner, dry and lifeless.

We try to “disguise” it and make it more beautiful with more products and often using heat every day: plates, dryers, etc. I guarantee you that if you don't really treat your hair, you will always be stuck in this never-ending cycle and you will only damage it even more.

Once a week use the Super hair serum - has botanical oils specifically selected for their power to revitalize and restore the natural strength of the hair fiber, helping to stimulate growth and nourish the hair roots. Also great for those who have dermatitis, sensitivity or oil problems, as it balances and hydrates the scalp. Just apply a few drops all over the roots, massaging vigorously. Leave to act for at least 20 minutes or overnight. At the end, wash with Super Hair Shampoo .

Deeply cleanses hair and soothes the scalp, stimulating healthy, strong growth. It is suitable for all hair types and is produced by us, with 100% natural and organic ingredients - without SALT or SILICONES.

And of course, switch to natural coloring. You will see the benefits in your hair very quickly, because in addition to coloring, henna protects the hair strands from external aggressions and has healing powers when it comes to the strength and vitality of the hair. It may take longer than chemical paint to find the perfect tone, but believe me, it pays off in the long run!

Sometimes, problems with the decline last for years and we use “excuses” and justifications for this weakening for too long, camouflaging problems that may already be deep-rooted. As much as there are common periods of hair loss in the female universe, we can recover our hair volume and density more quickly without lowering our arms waiting for a miracle!

If you've tried everything and feel like nothing works for you, you can read the feedback we've received from other women here and talk to us! We will help you on this journey.