Pre menopause and menopause

How to change the laps to (pre) menopause?
Female ability to generate life has as much as wonderful and challenging. We watch many changes in the body, learn to manage emotions, understand how we behave with every menstrual cycle, face (if it is our desire) pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, and finally live the end of the fertile cycle, menopause . It is the life cycle and of course we cannot avoid it, but we can undoubtedly relieve symptoms and make this transition period smoother and harmonious.

What is premenopausal?
Premenopausal, as the name implies, is the Transition between childbearing age and menopause, the moment when the body ceases to ovulate totally. All this happens due to significant hormonal changes, Being the main production of estrogen fickle, which results in the irregularity of cycles, aligned with changes in progesterone and FSH production, both fundamental in the menstrual cycle.

How does the woman know that she entered premenopausal/menopause?
The main symptom of perimenopause is the irregularity (in flow and duration) of its menstrual cycles. This happens at different times, but mostly from the age of 40 or later, from 45, although it may occur between 35 and 40. The duration of this premenopausal period is also different among women - for some can last Just a few months, for several others.

During this period, women are considered fertile, with the possibility of getting pregnant, although ovulations may be less frequent. It is assumed that the body went into menopause when menstruation is absence for at least 12 months.

Some common symptoms:
Irregular menstrual cycles (shorter or longer)
More abundant menstrual flow/scarce
Afrontaments - sudden warmth, which can happen both times a day and month, and even during sleep
Insomnia or changes in sleep standard
Decreased vaginal lubrication
Greater need to urinate and greater susceptibility to urinary infections
Decrease in libido
Drier/dehydrated and more sensitive skin
Mood swings, more agitation, depressive symptoms
Bone loss, resulting from the decrease in estrogen
Increased cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
Weight gain, due to the slowdown of metabolism

** How to relieve symptoms with medicinal plants and adaptogenous?

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This supplement is super efficient in feminine hormonal and emotional balance, totally natural and safe to be taken at any stage of women's life. Contains adaptogenous Regulate stress levels, balance mood and increase energy. This formula contains powerful adaptogens: Ashwagandha, which acts directly on the central nervous system and adrenal glands, Regulating cortisol production, stress hormone. It is even used as a natural alternative to the treatment of hormone replacement that some women do during menopause; Rhodiola, a root that Decreases fatigue, regulates the response to stress and increases physical resistance; and Shatavari, a female fertility stimulant, which also Improves vaginal lubrication and reduces affronts.


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A natural way of libido, with plants traditionally used in Ayruvedic and Chinese medicines, as Shilajit and Epimedium, rejuvenating tonic that support a healthy sexual function.Also It contains maca, a super nutritious root that increases our energy, stimulates sexual desire, relieves affronts and mood variations.


Super feminine

Keep one balanced diet It is super important at this stage and it is really convenient to have something in its pantry that can nourish it completely when it has less time. A Super feminine has everything you need: a good dose of biological vegetable protein, with good fat present in the proteins of hemp, chia It is pumpkin; fiber, minerals and nutrients present in plants and algae such as Spirulina, Chlorlae and Frigo Herb, which moisturize the body and support the body's natural cleaning, preventing swelling and intestinal deregulation; adaptogens and medicinal plants for Balance mood and nervous system.


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Sleep well during this phase can be complicated, either because The woman feels more nervous and has difficulty falling asleep (insomnia) or sleeping deeply, either because the affronts wake up at night by interfering with body temperature. To the Drops can help improve your sleep routine - and can even go further, with the Sleep kit, which includes a relaxing exfoliation and a delicious and reassuring drink for some extra pampering at this stage. If your problem is more the sense of agitation and anxiety during the day, try the Drops Relaxto try to minimize these sensations.


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It is normal that The skin also becomes at this stage. Dry, dehydrated and even more sensitive, tendering inflammation or redness. For mature skin, it is essential a specific anti-aging care, able to Encourage skin elasticity, give it more firmness, vitamins and antioxidants. O Revitalize Kit It was designed for a maximum absorption and retention of hydration, With active principles that take care of wrinkles and thin lines, prevent and attenuate blemishes and make the lock, luminous and uniform.