Why use an oil for hair removal?

The most anticipated season of the year has arrived: summer (finally!). And what does that mean? We start to worry more about our skin, which naturally shows more. It is not for nothing that it is the season of the year in which more is invested in hair removal.
But this "task" is not always simple, because it implies choosing from a sea of options the best solution for you - and let's say that not all of them are the least painful or sustainable!

That's why we developed the gentle depilatory kit, a solution that involves a magic oil and a reusable blade, but it is not just any oil... we give you some of the various reasons that make the SMOOTH infallible:

  • Helps the blade moving delicately and perfectly along the body, avoiding cuts or irritations by contact. With soap or a simple shower gel, the blade does not slide in the same way and often its ingredients are not ideal for this moment of self-care.
  • Hydrates - that's right, in addition to contributing to a more effective hair removal, your skin will be super nourished! Oils penetrate the skin more effectively than water-based moisturizers and so you often won't need to apply anything else after showering, which is perfect for those who like to simplify the routine as much as possible.

  • Avocado oilIn addition to vitamin E, avocado oil contains potassium, lecithin , and many other super nutrients that will nourish, moisturize and regenerate the skin. This key ingredient makes the SMOOTH a perfect ally to always keep the skin very even and calm - no ingrown hairs or redness.
  • Persian Limecream, extremely rich in antioxidants, improves skin health and prevents premature aging. Its magical components make a delicate natural exfoliation, which helps to remove dead cells leaving the skin always radiant and super smooth!

And how do you use an oil for hair removal? Simple!

In the bath, apply generously to the area you want to shave. Then gently use your smooth blade. Pour water and you're done!

The so-called game changer!

If you want to try this depilatory Kit, click here.


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