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Como manter a sua lâmina depilatória como nova?

How to keep your depilatory razor looking like new?

In addition to having a very practical design that makes it simply unique and, above all, effective, the SUAVE blade is super easy to maneuver and does its job without the need to apply pressure. Together with SUAVE oil , it brings you the benefits of painless and quick hair removal, but without the ingrown hairs or skin irritation!

But if you feel “intimidated” by the idea of ​​a single blade, know that it is guaranteed to be less scary than using a disposable option… In addition to not contributing to plastic waste, it allows for more precise and long-lasting hair removal .

Its structure is made 100% of copper to make it as safe and resistant as possible and we have some tips to make it last even longer!

  1. Washing the razor after shaving is important to remove accumulated hair and dead cells and will make your refills last longer. To do this, simply rinse it under water until there is no visible residue left and you can even loosen the top a little to be able to remove 100% of it.
  2. After each use, it is important to dry the blade well , especially in the cutting area. You can use a towel for this purpose. If you want to make this drying faster, you can wipe the blade with alcohol.
  3. Keep her out of the shower . The humidity in the space encourages oxidation and will therefore require you to change the blade more often. If you store it in a dry place it will keep it looking like new!
  4. Free yourself from the myth that pressing the razor against the skin offers more efficient hair removal. Remember that the movements must be long, in the direction of hair growth, but always without pressure. This way, the blade remains super effective for longer!
  5. You know that habit of banging your razor against the sink? Abandon . These impacts can compromise refills and their durability, which ends up harming the hair removal process itself.
  6. Use the razor exclusively with Suave oil , as it is the only combination that guarantees effective hair removal - two products designed to work in synergy.
  7. Especially if you use your blade several times a week, deep cleaning at each refill change is very important. Without the refill, wash your blade parts individually in warm, soapy water. If you want, you can also apply a solution of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water, in order to disinfect more deeply.

Each blade comes with 5 refills and to replace them, simply turn and remove the handle, open the rectangular part at the top of the blade and insert the new refill. Find out more here.